Monkey Gets Loose In Walmart Parking Lot, Throws Down With Employee

Image courtesy of Richelle Stewart

What happens when a monkey gets loose in a Walmart parking lot and jumps a store employee? Someone catches the whole thing on video, that’s what happens, and the Internet goes crazy.

The rumble far from the jungle happened in Lancaster, OH on Sunday night, and was filmed by a shopper who was arriving at Walmart, reports NBC-4. She noticed something a bit odd — a monkey standing on a bunch of carts, apparently in a showdown with an employee trying to help its owner catch it. It had escaped from a woman’s nearby camper.

In the video, the monkey’s owner can be seen running towards the worker yelling, “Let her go, let her go! Did she bite you?”

“All of a sudden the monkey jumps on him and she pushes him out the way,” the eyewitness told the news station.

A Walmart spokesperson told NBC4 the monkey didn’t bite the worker. After it escaped from its camper, the employee took its leash and returned the monkey to its owner, who was “grateful,” Walmart says.

The Department of Agriculture is now interested in speaking with the woman out of concern that the monkey might not be registered.

Monkey gets loose in Lancaster Walmart parking lot [NBC-4]

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