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U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Customs Officials Seize A Ton Of Marijuana Disguised As Carrots

When it comes to trying to sneak drugs into the country, ne’er-do-wells keep coming up with creative ways to disguise their illicit goods, keeping law enforcement on their toes. Someone must’ve hired Bugs Bunny to do some sleuthing in Texas, where U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents discovered a shipment of carrots that included a few thousand orange things that weren’t of the vegetable variety. [More]


DEA Agent Says Legalizing Medical Marijuana In Utah Will Lead To Stoned Rabbits

There are many arguments for and against using marijuana legally in this country, whether for medical use or for fun, but one drug enforcement official’s reason for his stance against legalizing it in Utah is surely one nobody’s about to forget: He says wild bunnies will get high off the stuff. [More]


Consumer Behavior In Rhode Island Shows Shopping For A New Health Plan Can Pay Off

It might feel sometimes like you’re shopping in a vacuum, where you are the single entity in the world that matters — “Do I buy this shirt? Do I want to shop around for a new health plan?” — but the truth is, the choices we make as consumers can have an effect on everybody else. For example, if you didn’t shop around and change your health plan from last year, you might find that the price of that plan has gone up for everyone. [More]

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Who’s Your Doctor? Not This Guy: Supplement Dealer Faces Felony Charge For Second Time

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. In this case, the shame goes to…. a Florida dietary supplement marketer facing a reopened felony charge after he was found to still be misrepresenting himself as a doctor. [More]

What Do Doctors Really Do All Day?

What Do Doctors Really Do All Day?

Ever wondered what your primary care physician is doing when they’re not seeing patients. Quite a lot, says a new study that breaks down the daily tasks faced by doctors at a small family practice. [More]