Reminder: TSA Has Magic Machines That Will Find Gun Parts Hidden In A PlayStation 2

Discovered by the TSA.

Discovered by the TSA.

This just in: X-ray machines used by the Transportation Security Administration have the power to see through plastic — yes, even the plastic used in gaming consoles! — and will be able to detect the presence of things that should not be in your carry-on bag. One traveler recently foiled by the TSA apparently thought all the camouflage needed to hide gun parts was a Playstation 2.

He was wrong, as the TSA managed to use its magic machines and discover parts of a .22-caliber semi-automatic handgun nestled inside a PS2, reports CNN.

The man was going through New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport yesterday when TSA agents found the parts in the PS2, along with other pieces of the firearm that the agency says were packed elsewhere in his carry-on luggage.

It seems someone actually wanted to play that PS2 and not just use it as gun mule, as the suspect also had a copy of the game “Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots” packed with his stuff as well. He was arrested on a weapons charge after the discovery.

This year, the TSA has found 2,100 guns at airport checkpoints, 16% more than they found in 2013. That’s not to mention all the other knives, blades, inactive grenades and other items prohibited in carryon luggage by the TSA.

As always, before you fly, check to make sure none of that is in your belongings, or if it’s a firearm, that you declare it and pack it unloaded in your checked bags.

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