Takata Beefing Up Replacement Airbag Production, Again

Takata Beefing Up Replacement Airbag Production, Again

Just as federal regulators caution that it could take years before the nearly 34 million recalled vehicles equipped with Takata airbags that can spew shrapnel upon deployment are replaced, the Japanese auto parts maker says it expects to speed up its output of replacement parts by year’s end. [More]

Takata To Double Airbag Replacement Production To 900,000 Kits By September

Takata To Double Airbag Replacement Production To 900,000 Kits By September

After facing increased scrutiny by federal regulators in recent weeks regarding an investigation into the massive airbag recall and lack of new safety devices, Japanese auto parts maker Takata announced it will double production of replacement airbags in the next six months. [More]


Brother Sends My Printer On Vacation In Florida, Not Back To Me

Cyndi’s new multifunction inkjet printer malfunctioned just after the 14-day return period was over. Isn’t that always how it ends up? Not by design on the company’s part, of course, but it feels that way when you depend on a printer like Cyndi does. She contacted Brother’s tech support, and ultimately they sent her a refurbished replacement. Yay! Except that they sent it to Orlando, Florida. Cyndi does not live there. How did the printer end up there? No one knows. [More]


T-Mobile Promises Not To Extend My Contract After Replacing Phone, Extends Contract

Philip’s wife’s phone wasn’t working very well. It would power-cycle and drain its own battery, and her texts get delayed. So he set out to get her a new phone, but this was a bigger challenge than he had expected. A replacement phone without extending the family’s contract apparently wasn’t an option. He managed to get a comparable new phone at no cost without extending his contract by calling the retention line to cancel, but this concession came with a price. [More]

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I Use Facebook To Check On My Monitor Repair, Samsung Just Goes Ahead And Sends Me Better One

Graeme has two Samsung monitors, and has had them repaired under warranty a few times. Two years into his three-year warranty, he sent a monitor that snapped off its stand in for repair. Not terribly worried, he checked in on it using Facebook. Samsung took this as an indication that he was unhappy, and should be sent a larger, newer, better monitor.


To Dell Hell And Back, With A Refund

To Dell Hell And Back, With A Refund

When we first heard from Dan a few weeks ago, he had been sent to endure punishment in Dell Hell for his sins. His principal sin, of course, was purchasing a computer from Alienware, a once-beloved company now owned by Dell. The products still look cool, but it’s Dell providing the technical support, with all of the competence and generosity that implies. His computer continued to fail. Dell sent a replacement, which was supposed to resolve this, Instead, he reached even more advanced and frustrating levels of Dell Hell. Finally, through persistence (and maybe having his story appear here on the site) he was able to make a deal with Dell and escape with his soul. And a refund. [More]

Lenovo Not In Any Particular Hurry To Replace Defective Computer

Lenovo Not In Any Particular Hurry To Replace Defective Computer

Lenovo’s marketing for the last few years has been built on the slogan “For those who do.” Who do what? You know, stuff. Stuff that you need computers for. Computer-needing stuff. Brad’s experience with purchasing a laptop from the company has led him to the conclusion that no one there doesmuch of anything. Which makes sense. The marketing material says that their computers are for those who do. Not from them. [More]

If You Enjoy $200 Disposable Coffeemakers, Buy A Keurig

If You Enjoy $200 Disposable Coffeemakers, Buy A Keurig

I’ve often heard, both from readers of this site and in real life, about the generous replacement policy that coffee-pod maker Keurig has when something goes wrong with one of their products. But if you happen to buy a model that’s defective, reader Synimatik tells us, Keurig will only replace it so many times before you’re on your own and have to just buy yourself a new one. He didn’t expect to spend more than $200 on what he calls a “disposable coffee maker.” [More]

EECB Strikes Lenovo, Gets Customer New Laptop

EECB Strikes Lenovo, Gets Customer New Laptop

Patricia’s refurbished laptop from Lenovo could have used more refurbishment. It had a scratched webcam and an unbearably rattly disc drive, and she didn’t find this acceptable for a device that she had just purchased. So she tackled the issue using a time-honored consumer technique: the executive e-mail carpet bomb. Lenovo’s Executive Relations team heard her plea, and sent her a new computer to replace her refurbished one. [More]

5 Creative Uses For Common Items

It’s empowering to discover alternate uses for regular household items. Explore these secrets and you can save yourself trips to the store to get things you thought you needed but actually can do without. [More]

Maglite Manufacturer Is Quite Magnanimous

Jason really likes his mini Maglite, but the part that holds the bulb is corroded. Instead of buying a new one, he wanted to fix and keep the light he loves. He wrote to the company, Mag Instrument, asking whether he could buy a replacement part. Terrible news: that wasn’t possible. But they could send him one for free.

Lego Plays Star Wars Secret Santa

Lego Plays Star Wars Secret Santa

K’s kid has a Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, most likely because K. is awesome. One of the pieces went missing, and she sent a quick “hey, how much would it cost to replace this thingy?” query on their website. She expected to hear back perhaps after the holiday toy rush. She didn’t expect to get a free replacement piece in the mail within a few weeks. [More]

Fisher-Price Replaces Broken Bouncer, Shocks

Fisher-Price Replaces Broken Bouncer, Shocks Customer

When the Fisher-Price Bouncer that Allison had received as a gift for her son stopped vibrating, Allison contacted Fisher-Price to see whether she could have the item repaired or replaced. Instead, the company turned around and just sent her a new one, no questions asked! [More]

Microsoft Reaching Out To Xbox 360 Owners Whose Systems Won't Play Games

Microsoft Reaching Out To Xbox 360 Owners Whose Systems Won't Play Games

Responding to news that some Xbox 360s might not be able to play game discs, Microsoft’s PR firm sent us a message to clarify the issue: [More]

J. Crew Replaces Dress Stained In Kindergarten Marker Mishap

J. Crew Replaces Dress Stained In Kindergarten Marker Mishap

Some of the stories of good customer service that we post are simply tales of good customer service executed by competent employees. These deserve praise, but don’t compare to true “Above and Beyond” consumer experiences. That’s what Jeremy’s family experienced from J. Crew after a terrible fate befell their daughter’s new dress (not pictured.) They called the store to see whether the dress was in stock so they could buy a replacement. Instead, J. Crew stunned the family by exchanging the damaged dress for a new one at no charge. [More]

Vibram USA Doesn't Like Pouting Customers, Replaces Busted Shoes

Vibram USA Doesn't Like Pouting Customers, Replaces Busted Shoes

I hear from runners I know that Vibram 5 Fingers shoes are the greatest invention since… well, shoes. Reader Mark agrees, and when his pair developed burst seams and some other holes, he was unhappy. He would miss his unbelievably dorky-looking but comfortable shoes. So he did the only logical thing: he posted a photo essay online of the wonderful times that he and his shoes had together, and sent a link to Vibram USA.

Roku Replaces 3-Year-Old Streaming Video Box That Stops Streaming

Roku Replaces 3-Year-Old Streaming Video Box That Stops Streaming

When James’s father gave him one of the original Roku units from a few years ago, he couldn’t get it to connect to his house’s network… or to see any networks at all. He gave the company a call for help, not expecting much because the unit was well out of warranty. A short time later, a brand-new replacement box was on its way. [More]

Whirlpool, Free Us From This Fridge's Unholy Buzzing Sound

Whirlpool, Free Us From This Fridge's Unholy Buzzing Sound

Justin and his wife saved up and bought a sweet, petite, shiny new Whirlpool refrigerator from Lowe’s. They were thrilled with their new purchase for about three weeks, until it began to make an unholy buzzing noise. No one can make the buzzing stop. Not Whirlpool, not Lowe’s, not an endless procession of repairmen, and not either company’s executive customer service. What now? [More]