If You Enjoy $200 Disposable Coffeemakers, Buy A Keurig

I’ve often heard, both from readers of this site and in real life, about the generous replacement policy that coffee-pod maker Keurig has when something goes wrong with one of their products. But if you happen to buy a model that’s defective, reader Synimatik tells us, Keurig will only replace it so many times before you’re on your own and have to just buy yourself a new one. He didn’t expect to spend more than $200 on what he calls a “disposable coffee maker.”

I originally purchased a Keurig coffee maker a little over a year ago. Since then, I have had the unit break, and replaced not once, but twice. Now, less than two years after my original purchase, I’ve had the 3rd Keurig break. The last call to customer service resulted an explanation of “yeah, this happens a lot. There is a problem with one of the parts.”

Awesome. So they know the equipment sucks, but continue to sell them as it anyway. I guess the moral of the story is if you want to spend upwards of $200 on a disposable coffee maker every 6 months or so, get yourself a Keurig.

Thank you. I will go right ahead and not follow that advice. It’s only fair that they won’t replace it more than a year in if that’s the product warranty. So why can’t one of those replacements be of a different model that doesn’t self-destruct quite so efficiently?

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