Vibram USA Doesn't Like Pouting Customers, Replaces Busted Shoes

I hear from runners I know that Vibram 5 Fingers shoes are the greatest invention since… well, shoes. Reader Mark agrees, and when his pair developed burst seams and some other holes, he was unhappy. He would miss his unbelievably dorky-looking but comfortable shoes. So he did the only logical thing: he posted a photo essay online of the wonderful times that he and his shoes had together, and sent a link to Vibram USA.

We included only two of the photos from this open letter. Go visit Mark’s site to see the rest.

Back in September 2010, I purchased my first pair of Vibram Five Fingers. (Order #[redacted])

And I loved them. I ran in them and walked in them. Heady times my friends, heady times

But now, just a few months later, my Five Fingers (that made me so happy), are starting to fall apart.

I love my Five Fingers and I tell everyone I know how much I love them.

But when I look down at those holes and burst seams, I look like this.


Please Vibram, won’t you help me turn back into the jaunty fellow in the Chewbacca shirt I once was.



So sad. Vibram USA thought so, too, and answered Mark’s plea within only a few hours.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your inquiry and your delightful website. We warranty all FiveFingers for 90 days after the date of purchase. You’re a bit outside of our warranty but we can replace your KSOs for you as a courtesy.

I’ve entered a new order on your behalf for a pair of men’s Black/Orange KSOs in size 42 to be shipped to:


Your replacement order number is ANUMBER. If you wish to check the status of your order, you can either respond to this e-mail or call our office and reference your order number.

I’ve also e-mailed you a pre-paid shipping label via UPS. Please use that label to return the defective shoes to our warehouse. Thank you!


Yay! Five toes up!

I Love My 5 Fingers But they’re falling apart []

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