Maglite Manufacturer Is Quite Magnanimous

Jason really likes his mini Maglite, but the part that holds the bulb is corroded. Instead of buying a new one, he wanted to fix and keep the light he loves. He wrote to the company, Mag Instrument, asking whether he could buy a replacement part. Terrible news: that wasn’t possible. But they could send him one for free.

TO: Mag Instrument, Inc. Web Site (

Hello. I have a Mini Maglite 2AA and I need to replace the black plastic part that fits down into the barrel, the two-piece assembly that holds the bulb. The small contact inside is corroded away, and this is my favorite light. If I can replace this, Im sure the light will last a long time. Can you give me a price plus shipping for this part?

A representative wrote back:

Dear Jason,

Thank you for your interest in Maglite products.

We will send you a switch kit no charge for your ‘AA’ Mini-Maglite. The switch will include a switch assembly, the instructions to remove and install the new one back in and the repair tool all at no charge to you. (not for LED Mini-Maglites, only for regular Mini-Maglites). We will ship it by Feb.17th. First Class mail. Also included will be a list of all our Warranty Service Centers so you can send it to your nearest repair facility incase it still doesn’t work.
Please contact us if we can be of further assistance.

Customer Service

That’s so nice of them! I had a hot pink imitation Maglite in the ’90s that wasn’t nearly as durable. And I doubt the company that made it would have sent me free parts.

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