Crocs Have Made A Comeback By Returning To Hideous Roots

Crocs, a brand of footwear known for being comfortable, non-slip, unattractive, and incompatible with escalators, has made a comeback. The secret has been going back to the thing that made it a success in the first place: Hideous clogs that you can easily hose off. [More]


Aerosoles Files For Bankruptcy Protection, Plans To Close Most Of Its Stores

Aerosoles, maker of comfy women’s shoes, has the same troubles as other mall retailers: more physical stores than it needs, and not enough customers spending money in those stores. And so the company is joining 2017’s most unfortunate corporate club, and filing for bankruptcy. [More]

Dr. Martens Recalled Over Chemical Exposure Hazard

Dr. Martens Recalled Over Chemical Exposure Hazard

When you think of products that can lead to chemical exposure, your first thought probably doesn’t involve the shoes on your feet. Yet, that’s apparently an issue for about 30,000 pairs of Dr. Martens’ vegan boots now being recalled.  [More]

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Michael Kors Goes Shoe Shopping, Buys Jimmy Choo For $1.3B

Nothing goes together quite like shoes and purses — just look in my closet. For that reason, it makes sense that two high-end accessory brands would be interested in becoming one: Despite closing stores and falling sales Michael Kors went shopping this week, placing Jimmy Choo in its shopping bag.  [More]


Here’s The Official List Of Payless Stores That Are Closing Next

While Payless ShoeSource is waiting to hear back from the court and its landlords about more than 400 stores that it may close without a break on rent, the discount shoe chain has released a list of 112 stores that definitely are closing next. [More]

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Payless Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Will Close 400 Stores

It seems like every mall has at least one Payless ShoeSource, but the chain is about to become a little less ubiquitous: It filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today, as expected, and announced plans to close 400 of its 4,000 stores. [More]

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Sports Authority Customers Are Shopping Somewhere, Not Sporting Goods Stores

Where did Sports Authority’s customers go? The sporting goods retailer filed for bankruptcy almost a year ago, closing all of its stores by the end of the summer. However, other retailers in this sector are puzzled because the Sports Authority customers who, in theory, should have taken their business to the competition have apparently just stopped buying sporting goods. [More]

Walmart’s Jumping Into Shoe Game With $70M Purchase Of ShoeBuy

Walmart’s Jumping Into Shoe Game With $70M Purchase Of ShoeBuy

Following the $3 billion purchase of, Walmart is continuing its bid to boost online sales, this time by targeting customers’ feet with the $70 million purchase of shoe-tailer ShoeBuy.  [More]

Nike Makes End-Run Around Retailers By Selling $720 Self-Tying Sneakers Itself

Nike Makes End-Run Around Retailers By Selling $720 Self-Tying Sneakers Itself

If you’re looking for Nike sneakers with self-tying laces, don’t go to FootLocker or Dick’s Sporting Goods: In an attempt to move away from relying on sports retailers to peddle its wares, Nike is cutting out the middleman and selling its new, pricey HyperAdapt shoes directly to consumers. [More]


Foot Locker CEO Claims Malls Are “Far From Dead”

Maybe it’s just because Foot Locker had sales growth to report because people are snapping up higher priced- basketball and running shoes, but the company’s CEO seems to be in a very positive mood about the state of malls in the U.S., which is surprising at a time when other mall-based retailers are struggling. [More]

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NM Politician Spots New, Destroyed Sneakers In Trash At Sports Authority Store Closing Sale

Politicians are regular people who do mundane things like check out store-closing sales at national sporting goods retailers. A New Mexico state representative spotted shoes that had been deliberately destroyed tossed in the dumpster outside of a closing Albuquerque Sports Authority store, and was angry that good shoes had deliberately been destroyed. [More]


Adidas, Kanye West Planning To Open Stores Dedicated To Yeezy Products

Rumors that musician/shoe designer/famous person Kanye West would release his next line of Yeezy footwear without partner Adidas have proved to be wrong, and then some: West and Adidas have instead announced an expanded partnership, including retail locations that will be dedicated solely to the Yeezy product line. [More]


Converse Wins Trademark Battle Over Chuck Taylor’s Sole

As Converse’s Chuck Taylor sneakers have become as ubiquitous smartphones these days — heck, even your grandma might own a pair — parent company Nike has been trying block other retailers from cashing in on that popularity and selling copycat sneakers. The company just won one trademark battle over Chuck Taylor’s sole design, but is promising to keep fighting after an industry group said other aspects of the shoe’s style aren’t covered by the same protection. [More]

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Watch Your Mailbox For Your Vibram FiveFingers Settlement Check

This is apparently the week for long-awaited class action settlement checks, though class members in the Vibram Five Fingers settlement haven’t had to wait as long as purchasers of tickets from Ticketmaster, but the class action over dubious health claims made about the “barefoot” style shoes has been in the courts since 2012. The class action was settled in 2014, with each participant expected to receive checks ranging from $20-$50. Instead, they’ll be getting $10.11 per pair of shoes. That’s more than $1.01 per toe! [More]

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New Balance A Few Steps From Its Dream Of U.S.-Made Footwear Requirement For Military

It’s been a long time coming, but New Balance’s marathon efforts to get the Pentagon to require military members to buy only shoes made in America may finally be paying off. [More]

Payless Pulls Light-Up Sneakers After Report Of Pair Catching On Fire

Payless Pulls Light-Up Sneakers After Report Of Pair Catching On Fire

If you’re planning to shop for a pair of boys light-up shoes you might want to skip Payless ShoeSource, as the retailer has pulled the footwear while fire officials in Texas investigate a fire that may be linked to the sneakers.  [More]


Your Marty McFly Dreams Are Coming True: Nike Debuting Self-Lacing Sneakers

If you weren’t one of the lucky few to snag a pair of Nike’s special edition Air Mag self-lacing shoes last year, don’t give up hope — your Marty McFly dreams may still come true this very year: Nike unveiled sneakers with self-lacing technology, as well as sensors that adjust the sneaker’s fit. [More]

Ad Watchdog Points Out That Skech-Air Shoes Do Not Let Kids Bounce Like Superhumans

Ad Watchdog Points Out That Skech-Air Shoes Do Not Let Kids Bounce Like Superhumans

When you’re a child with a very active imagination, the hyperbole of advertising can be very confusing. That’s why some consumers reported a recent ad for shoe brand Skechers to the Children’s Advertising Review Unit, part of the Council of Better Business Bureaus’ self-regulation mechanism for the advertising industry. The ad is misleading, making the shoes look way more fun than they are. [More]