Peeps Oreos & 7 Other Things That Turn Your Poop Strange Colors

The pink dye in the new Peeps-flavored Oreos has some cookie and marshmallow fans experiencing strange side effects, including pink tongue, saliva, and most notoriously, magenta-hued poop. Don’t fret, Peeps-eaters! This is just the latest in a long line of products that can color your number-twos. [More]

Man Sets Porch Pirate Trap With Giant Box Of Dog Poop

Man Sets Porch Pirate Trap With Giant Box Of Dog Poop

Packages left unattended on porches and stoops are low-hanging fruit for thieves who comb neighborhoods looking for something to steal. You can keep parcels safe by setting up a locked drop-box, having packages delivered to a safer address, asking for items to be held for pickup — or you can teach them a lesson with the help of a box full of dog turds. [More]

(Renee Rendler-Kaplan)

Walmart And Kroger Pull Cilantro From Stores

After the Food and Drug Administration announced a seasonal ban on cilantro imports from the Puebla state of Mexico, Walmart and Kroger are pulling cilantro grown in that region from store shelves as a precaution. Evidence points to the cilantro as a culprit in outbreaks of cyclosporiasis, a gastrointestinal illness, and an FDA investigation turned up evidence of sanitation problems in the fields where cilantro is grown. [More]


Jury: Company That Collected Workers’ DNA To Solve Fecal Matter Mystery On The Hook For $2.2M

Add this one to the list of things your employer cannot subject you to on the job: A federal jury recently awarded two warehouse workers in Georgia $2.2 million, after a judge ruled that their bosses illegally collected their DNA. But why would your employer want to get hold of your DNA? In this case, management was trying to bust a mysterious pooper who was leaving piles of feces in the company’s warehouses. [More]


Illinois Town Posts Sign Imploring People To “Stop Pooping On Bike Path”

There are some things one might assume wouldn’t need to be clearly stated, like defecating in a public place that’s well-traveled and isn’t a toilet, especially when there are toilets conveniently nearby. But one Illinois town found it had to spell things out a bit clearer. [More]

(Rennett Stowe)

FDA Inspection Reveals Chinese Restaurant Supplier Was Rat-Infested Nightmare

There are fascinating horrors hiding in letters from the Food and Drug Administration to the food, drug, and cosmetic companies that it regulates. One letter that we wish we could un-read is directed to New Yung Wah Trading Company, a Brooklyn-based company that supplies Chinese restaurants all over the East Coast. The results of multiple inspections of their warehouse near Pittsburgh were frightening to potential diners…at least, those of us who prefer our food to have as little rat urine as possible. [More]

You Can Now Delegate Mailing Boxes Of Poop To Your Enemies

You Can Now Delegate Mailing Boxes Of Poop To Your Enemies

While placing feces on the doorstep of someone who has offended you is a time-honored insult, it’s now possible, for about the cost of a pizza and wings, to have a steaming pile delievered to the address of your choice. Well, maybe not so much a “steaming pile,” and more of a “room-temperature sealed plastic container.” Is this service all it’s advertised to be? There’s nothing quite like a first-hand review when a new product or service hits the market. [More]

New Zealand Woman Claims Plane Dumped Feces On Her House

New Zealand Woman Claims Plane Dumped Feces On Her House

Years ago, I lived in an inexpensive and terrible apartment under the flight path for the local airport. It doesn’t take long to adjust to the noise, and you can admire the planes or just ignore ’em. There’s one thing that you can’t learn to tune out, though: mystery feces from above on your house and car. [More]

Police: Please Stop Pooping On Roofs Of Passing Trains

Police: Please Stop Pooping On Roofs Of Passing Trains

The police in Uxbridge, Massachusetts have a request. Someone out there is standing on train bridges and defecating on passing locomotives, and the police would like these people to stop. [More]

(Mike Matney Photography)

Corn Poop Soap Just Might Be The Gift You Need

“Can vary slightly in size, shape and color – just like real ones!” says the promotional copy for Corn Poop Soap, a product that is exactly what it sounds like. It’s soap shaped like a turd full of corn kernels, a picture of which we will not put on the front page of this site, because ew. [More]


Man Texts While Driving, Crashes Into Tractor Transporting Manure

Everyone knows that that you shouldn’t text while driving, but most people do it anyway. Need an incentive not to? Consider the man in Wisconsin who, according to police, was tapping away on his phone when he hit a tractor pulling a trailer filled with unfathomable quantities of liquid manure. Neither driver was seriously injured, but there was a trailer filled with liquid manure. [WFTV] [More]

(CBS Dallas/Fort Worth)

Now An Apartment Complex In Texas Is DNA-Testing Dog Poop

I often see canine leavings at the side of the road, and wonder which of my fellow dog owners left them behind. (It certainly isn’t the dog’s fault.) In recent years, homeowners’ associations and apartment complexes have answered this important question by requiring DNA samples from dogs living on the property. When staff find an abandoned pile, they match the DNA it contains to a resident dog, and fine the owner $250. [More]

Actual koala feces not guaranteed to sparkle.

This Fashion Doll Presents An Unrealistic Image Of Pet Ownership Where Animals Poop Jewels

Moxie Girlz are from MGA, the same company that brought us Bratz dolls. They’re like a softer version of Bratz, wearing less makeup, having slightly more human proportions, and they’re even fully clothed. [More]


Florida’s Alleged Serial Used Enema Returner Has Been Apprehended

You can purchase disposable saline enemas with confidence: the man in Florida who would purchase, use, and return alarming quantities of them has been apprehended. Though in this context, an “alarming quantity” would be “more than zero.” The man’s federal indictment was just unsealed, and he was charged with, among other things, having “reckless disregard that another person would be placed in danger of death or bodily injury.” [More]

Why Did CVS Customer Keep Returning Used Enemas To The Store?

Why Did CVS Customer Keep Returning Used Enemas To The Store?

It was an observant CVS cashier who brought a Florida man’s reign of fecal contamination to a close. The customer would allegedly buy saline enema kits, use them, clumsily reseal the boxes, and return the kits to the store. The enema kits went right back on store shelves to be sold to unsuspecting customers. The bottles contained some fluid, but had fecal matter on them. This purchase and return cycle began in April and continued until June. [More]

Long-Running Mouse Infestation May Shut Down N.Y. Walmart

Long-Running Mouse Infestation May Shut Down N.Y. Walmart

Recent state inspections of a Monticello, N.Y. Walmart have the mundane violations you’d see in any food facility’s inspection: dusty fans, lettuce cross-contamination, and coolers slightly warmer than they should be. Then there’s all of the food and other merchandise they’ve had to throw out after it was “defiled by rodents.” The state keeps coming back and reporting “thousands” of mouse droppings and evidence of rodents all over the store…and a few decaying corpses while they’re at it. The reports of mice go back to September 2011. [More]

Do All Retail/Restaurant Workers Have To Deal With Poo-Related Vandalism?

Do All Retail/Restaurant Workers Have To Deal With Poo-Related Vandalism?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I spent many a high school and college summer toiling behind the counter at Dairy Queen. But my particular DQ was a walk-up stand which meant no public restroom. And for this, so many years later, I am now very, very glad. [More]

Who Should Pay If A Bird Poops In Your Food?

Who Should Pay If A Bird Poops In Your Food?

This isn’t the most seasonally appropriate question to ask, at least here in the Northeastern U.S. And in the Northern Hemisphere. Perhaps it’s important (yet disgusting) enough that we can argue about it until springtime.

Simply put: if a bird relieves itself in your food while you’re dining outside, should the restaurant comp your meal?