You Can Now Delegate Mailing Boxes Of Poop To Your Enemies

poopicWhile placing feces on the doorstep of someone who has offended you is a time-honored insult, it’s now possible, for about the cost of a pizza and wings, to have a steaming pile delievered to the address of your choice. Well, maybe not so much a “steaming pile,” and more of a “room-temperature sealed plastic container.” Is this service all it’s advertised to be? There’s nothing quite like a first-hand review when a new product or service hits the market.

We at Consumerist haven’t tested the service, because we prefer to find other ways to nauseate our colleagues. Instead, we will go by the review of Pando Daily, where they received poo in minimalist packaging from someone in Slovenia. Slovenia? What did they put on the customs form, I wonder?

Motherboard has a video review (Warning: auto-play video) that will make you thankful that technology to transmit smell over the Internet is not yet a thing. They found the merchandise satisfactorily smelly, but the container sent to Pando was stale. Quality and customer service are important: while Shit Express has the latter down, they might have some quality control issues. No one wants to spend good money sending stale, non-smelly feces to … whoever it is you send feces to.

I am not 100% satisfied with the box of shit I received in the mail [PandoDaily]

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