Why Did CVS Customer Keep Returning Used Enemas To The Store?

It was an observant CVS cashier who brought a Florida man’s reign of fecal contamination to a close. The customer would allegedly buy saline enema kits, use them, clumsily reseal the boxes, and return the kits to the store. The enema kits went right back on store shelves to be sold to unsuspecting customers. The bottles contained some fluid, but had fecal matter on them. This purchase and return cycle began in April and continued until June.

“[I]n today’s economic times… people are doing some strange things,” one CVS customer told First Coast News. Yes.

The investigation into the enema return ring continues, and the alleged perpetrator was arrested on an unrelated outstanding warrant. Enemas were pulled off the shelves and checked, but now the constipated citizens of Florida can buy disposable enemas from CVS with confidence.

Enema Product Tampering Investigation [Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office]
CVS discovers used enemas on store shelves [KSDK] (Thanks, GitEmSteveDave – We just couldn’t bear to post this story with comments disabled. You’re welcome.)

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