Long-Running Mouse Infestation May Shut Down N.Y. Walmart

Recent state inspections of a Monticello, N.Y. Walmart have the mundane violations you’d see in any food facility’s inspection: dusty fans, lettuce cross-contamination, and coolers slightly warmer than they should be. Then there’s all of the food and other merchandise they’ve had to throw out after it was “defiled by rodents.” The state keeps coming back and reporting “thousands” of mouse droppings and evidence of rodents all over the store…and a few decaying corpses while they’re at it. The reports of mice go back to September 2011.

Mouse feces, urine, and gnaw marks have appeared in many departments of the store, not just food. Sections with anywhere from a few to a thousand mouse droppings include: candy, soda, snack foods, canned soup, cereal, beer, dairy, cake decorating, bread, pet food, feminine hygiene, baby needs, and produce sections. Oh yeah, and a bird trapped in the store crapped on a pizza and some bread while an inspector was present.

The state Department of Agriculture and Markets has scheduled a hearing to determine whether the store’s food processing permit should be taken away. If it is, another failed inspection could cause the state to shut down the store entirely.

Walmart, of course, is on it. “We take this matter very seriously,” a spokeswoman told the Sullivan County Democrat. “We’re committed to offering safe, quality food to our customers.”

You can download the entire report here (PDF) if you’re so inclined.

State finds violations at Thompson Walmart [Sullivan County Democrat] (Thanks for the tip, Jeanne!)

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