Mattel Ordered To Pay $310 Million In Bratz Case

Mattel and MGA Entertainment have long been locked up in a bitter court battle over the Bratz line of urban-themed dolls. In the latest swing of the pendulum, a federal judge ordered Mattel to pay $310 million in damages and various fees.

The sides have been slinging arrows for about a decade, after MGA, led by a former Mattel employee, introduced the hit toys, and Mattel accused the employee of having developed the idea when he was under its umbrella. Court rulings since have decided in favor of one company, then the other. The saga is complicated enough for several seasons of a TBS legal drama.

According to the L.A. Times, the latest ruling put the MGA CEO in a gloating mood, while Mattel released a pissy statement signaling it’s not done with the legal bickering:

“Mattel strongly believes that the outcome at the trial level is not supported by the evidence or the law. We remain committed to finding a reasonable resolution to the litigation.”

Mattel is ordered to pay MGA $310 million in Bratz case [L.A. Times]

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