Now An Apartment Complex In Texas Is DNA-Testing Dog Poop

(CBS Dallas/Fort Worth)

(CBS Dallas/Fort Worth)

I often see canine leavings at the side of the road, and wonder which of my fellow dog owners left them behind. (It certainly isn’t the dog’s fault.) In recent years, homeowners’ associations and apartment complexes have answered this important question by requiring DNA samples from dogs living on the property. When staff find an abandoned pile, they match the DNA it contains to a resident dog, and fine the owner $250.

Of course, the system isn’t flawless. Have a neighbor you don’t like? Pull the bag out of the trash and dump it on the ground the next time you see them walk their dog. Instant revenge! Some residents also told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth that some areas of the complex are poorly lit, making it difficult to see whether your dog is crouching, and to find the feces after they’re done.

Think you and your pet are safe from Big Brother because you own a house and don’t belong to an HOA? Not so fast! PooPrints, the company that handles the DNA registry and tests samples for complex owners, is now pitching its services to entire cities. Last year, they tried to sell the Dallas city council on the idea. Imagine having to give a cheek swab as well as proof of rabies vaccination when you register your pet with the town or city.

Plano Apartment Pooch Poop To Be DNA Tested To Clean Up Yard [CBSDFW]

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