Illinois Town Posts Sign Imploring People To “Stop Pooping On Bike Path”

There are some things one might assume wouldn’t need to be clearly stated, like defecating in a public place that’s well-traveled and isn’t a toilet, especially when there are toilets conveniently nearby. But one Illinois town found it had to spell things out a bit clearer.

After a rash of poop vandalism, officials in Hampton, IL decided to tackle the problem head on and have added a sign reading “Stop Pooping On Bike Bath,” reports WQAD, along with a helpful, crossed out smiling poo emoji, in case the message is unclear.

And lest you think this sign is for dogs — which is ridiculous, because dogs can’t read — it’s not, says the city’s Public Works supervisor. It’s been a problem for two years, and it is human feces being left on the path.

“Well, animals don’t carry toilet paper and then stuff it on the top,” he points out, saying whoever it is leaves a patch of paper on the poop every single time.

Sure, sometimes you’ve just gotta go, but there are other more civilized options available, he adds.

“It’s a mystery to many as to why someone would do it, especially when there are public restrooms nearby,” he says. “It’s gross and other people shouldn’t have to use our path like that,” said McKay.

Seriously — if you have enough forethought to bring toilet paper so as to wipe like a civilized human being, the least you could do is direct your backside to an actual toilet if it’s available.

Hampton posts signs asking people to “stop pooping on bike path” []

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