Corn Poop Soap Just Might Be The Gift You Need

“Can vary slightly in size, shape and color – just like real ones!” says the promotional copy for Corn Poop Soap, a product that is exactly what it sounds like. It’s soap shaped like a turd full of corn kernels, a picture of which we will not put on the front page of this site, because ew.

Once you click through, though, it’s fair game.


Like many joke products, there’s as much entertainment in the Amazon reviews as in the product itself. One user is delighted that the product does exactly what it promises:

My corn poop is great. I leave it out on top of the sink when people are coming over. They usually scream when they see it. They yell things like “Oh my God there’s a turd on your sink”.

Another is disappointed that it looks like a great turd, but not a turd with corn in it.

Real looking poop soap, but I bought this for a white elephant gag gift because the name said it had “corn” in it. It did not at all. It was just “poop soap ” this company either needs to change the name of the product to meet the actual product description, or actually give the customer what the planned on buying!

The lack of realistic corn-kernel detail is a recurring theme in reviews.

We have a corn joke going on in our family. What was shipped was very close to what is pictured but the corn effect is lost in real life. I would say it’s a good poo, but not the great CORN poo I was hoping for.

So there you have it: if corn-kernel detail in your fake poop soap is important to you, this is not the product for you.

Corn Poop Shaped Hand/Bar Soap – Bathroom Jokes/Gags [Amazon]
(via The Worst Things For Sale)

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