IKEA Would Only Allow ‘Deadpool’ Writers To Use Joke About Furniture If It Was Authentic

IKEA Would Only Allow ‘Deadpool’ Writers To Use Joke About Furniture If It Was Authentic

IKEA is totally cool with people poking fun at the sometimes frustrating experience of assembling its flat-pack furniture, but if you want to write a joke about it into a movie like Deadpool, there’s one requirement: it’s got to be true to the real thing. [More]

Selling “Silence Of The Lambs” Killer’s House Not As Easy As You’d Think

Selling “Silence Of The Lambs” Killer’s House Not As Easy As You’d Think

As we saw with the prolonged attempt to sell Cameron’s house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, having your property featured in a famous movie is no guarantee that it will be snatched up at a good price. Just ask the owners of the Pennsylvania home used in the Oscar-winning horror film Silence of the Lambs. [More]

A Whole Bunch Of Christmas Movies You Can Stream Instead Of Talking To Your Family

A Whole Bunch Of Christmas Movies You Can Stream Instead Of Talking To Your Family

The presents have all been unwrapped, the egg nog has done its job and you’re ready to stop talking to everyone who’s been getting on your nerves all day. Here’s to hoping you’ve got access to a streaming subscription service, and your father-in-law finally figured out where he put the piece of paper with the WiFi password on it. [More]

If your mouth runs, you better run.

Coolest Company President Ever Warns Employees Not To Ruin ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ For Everyone Else

If you’ve been shunning social media and refusing to speak to anyone who’s already seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you aren’t alone. But you also know how difficult it can be for anyone to keep their traps shut around the water cooler (seriously, I find your lack of restraint disturbing). That’s why the coolest company president we’ve ever heard of made sure to step in and prevent life-ruining chatter before it starts. [More]

Someone Botched Today’s Ticket Release For Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight”

Someone Botched Today’s Ticket Release For Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight”

A couple hours ago, after months of speculation about which theaters in which cities would have it — not to mention the change of its wide-release date — tickets for the “70mm Roadshow” of Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight finally went on sale. Well, not exactly. [More]

You can't run from the future of digital releases.

Paramount, Movie Theaters Sharing A Piece Of The Revenue Pie With Unusually Early Digital Release

Look around you — notice anything different? Probably not, but big change could be underfoot, at least in the cinematic realm: Paramount Studios is trying something new, releasing Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse digitally — only 39 days after its theatrical release. [More]

MPAA Celebrates The Shutdown Of Two Sites Accused Of Circulating Pirated Movies

The Motion Picture Association of America is doing a happy dance right now at the news that two online services that distribute movies and TV have been shuttered: Popcorn Time, which streams content from torrent sites and is sometimes called “Netflix for pirates,” and YTS, a site that has pirated editions of movies using BitTorrent software. [More]

Guy Arrested For Dumping Soda On Fellow Moviegoer Who Asked Him To Be Quiet

Guy Arrested For Dumping Soda On Fellow Moviegoer Who Asked Him To Be Quiet

Though you might be tempted to lash out at someone asking you to quiet down in a movie theater, dumping soda on a fellow patron could get you arrested for battery. One theatergoer in Florida paid for his alleged movie rage with a trip to the county jail, after dumping a cup of soda on a fellow patron during a horror flick. [More]

(Nicholas Eckhart)

Regal Cinemas May Now Check Theatergoers’ Bags Upon Entry

You might already be used to having your backpack or purse searched upon entering concerts or sporting events, but now there’s one more venue that may take a look inside your belongings: Regal Cinemas announced it may search guests’ bags upon entry to any of its locations across the country. [More]

"But daddy, I just saw this movie two weeks ago when it was still in theaters..."

Paramount To Share The Wealth With Theaters If They Let Movies Go To Home Video Early

The traditional studio film won’t come out on video until at least 90 days after it’s hit theaters, even if it stopped playing on most screens after only a few weeks. But a new agreement between Paramount and two major theater chains could cut that release time in half. [More]

(Mike Mozart)

3D, Smell-O-Vision & Indoor Weather: Rating The Best & Worst Movie Theater Innovations

Summer blockbuster season is almost upon us. The months of kicking back in the full-blast air conditioning and watching digitally-created stuff blow up will begin in just a couple of weeks, and at this point, it’s an annual ritual. [More]


Florida Movie Theater Apologizes For Playing “Suggestive” Ad Before Family Flick

A Florida movie theater has apologized and pulled a makeup ad that ran before a PG-rated movie after a mother complained and said that the scenes of people putting on lipstick and kissing each other are images better suited to a screening of 50 Shades of Grey. [More]


AMC, Dolby Hope New High-Tech Theaters Will Get You Off The Couch

Future trips to the movie theater could include better picture quality and immersive realistic sound if you live near one of 100 cinemas slated for a high-tech makeover as part of a 10-year deal between AMC Entertainment and Dolby Laboratories. [More]

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Burst Sprinkler Pipe Floods NYC Movie Theater, Sends Chandelier Crashing To The Floor

Nothing quite ruins a movie like an unexpected shower: Moviegoers at a New York City theater were interrupted in their cinematic pursuits yesterday afternoon when an overhead sprinkler pipe burst, flooding the place and sending a light fixture crashing to the ground. And yes, the theater did have screenings of Fifty Shades of Grey on the schedule let’s make that joke in our heads and move on. [More]

The dream of having all the Marvel heroes in the same film universe is getting closer to a reality, though Fox still controls the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. (Michael Saechang)

Sony Realizes There’s Money To Be Made In Sharing Spider-Man With Rest Of Marvel Universe

While Disney-owned Marvel Studios has Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Avengers to play with, one marquee Marvel character, Spider-Man, is controlled by Sony, which hasn’t been eager to share its lucrative toy with others. But Sony is apparently in a more generous mood after seeing a string of Marvel movies make boffo box-office returns and is willing to let their web-slinging superhero play with his pals. [More]

Amazon To Make Movies For Theatrical Release, Because Why The Heck Not?

Amazon To Make Movies For Theatrical Release, Because Why The Heck Not?

Amazon, the online retailer where you can rent a movie, order groceries or buy a tank, has announced that it’s venturing into a territory that seems counterintuitive for a company that focuses on delivering its products to consumers’ homes — bringing its original video productions to actual movie theaters. [More]

"Why is papa so sad?" "Because he's been downloaded 500,000 times without getting paid for it."

High Number Of Oscar Screeners Hit Pirate Sites

While you and I have had to pay to see all this year’s possible Oscar contenders (some of which haven’t even been released outside of NYC and L.A. yet), members of the various nominating guilds have been sitting at home and watching these films for free on screeners provided by the studios. And even though the movie industry tries to keep these screeners from getting out, a record number of them are readily available through pirate torrent sites. [More]


Nobody’s Going To The Movies Anymore: Theater Attendance At Its Lowest In 19 Years

The next time you’re at the movies, look around — does there seem to be more empty seats than there used to be? Your eyes aren’t lying, as we just left one of the worst years for movie theater attendance since 1995. That is the year of Waterworld and Show Girls, so you know it’s bad. [More]