(not) at the movies


You Can Have Your Own Private IMAX Theater At Home For Just $400K (Movies Not Included)

Do you have a very large room in your house and $400,000 burning a hole in your pocket? You can pay just under half a million to have a private IMAX home theater installed, but renting movies will cost you extra. [More]

You can't run from the future of digital releases.

Paramount, Movie Theaters Sharing A Piece Of The Revenue Pie With Unusually Early Digital Release

Look around you — notice anything different? Probably not, but big change could be underfoot, at least in the cinematic realm: Paramount Studios is trying something new, releasing Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse digitally — only 39 days after its theatrical release. [More]

"But daddy, I just saw this movie two weeks ago when it was still in theaters..."

Paramount To Share The Wealth With Theaters If They Let Movies Go To Home Video Early

The traditional studio film won’t come out on video until at least 90 days after it’s hit theaters, even if it stopped playing on most screens after only a few weeks. But a new agreement between Paramount and two major theater chains could cut that release time in half. [More]

Would You Pay $30 To Rent A Movie That's Still In Theaters?

Would You Pay $30 To Rent A Movie That's Still In Theaters?

For movie fans, there is that odd stretch of time between a film’s initial release and when it hits the DVD/On-Demand market. Maybe it’s playing in a second-run theater or maybe it’s just in limbo. Regardless, DirecTV is betting that customers would be willing to pay a premium to watch movies during that lame-duck time period. [More]