Burst Sprinkler Pipe Floods NYC Movie Theater, Sends Chandelier Crashing To The Floor

Nothing quite ruins a movie like an unexpected shower: Moviegoers at a New York City theater were interrupted in their cinematic pursuits yesterday afternoon when an overhead sprinkler pipe burst, flooding the place and sending a light fixture crashing to the ground. And yes, the theater did have screenings of Fifty Shades of Grey on the schedule let’s make that joke in our heads and move on.

Cold weather in NYC is being blamed for the bursting pipe at the AMC Theater on the Upper West Side, reports CBS2, sending water flooding into the theater and prompting an evacuation.

While some were still tarrying, the definitive sign to leave came when a large chandelier in the atrium fell to the ground and splashed into the water as onlookers gasped and agreed that yeah, it was just about time to get out of there.

The theater was shut down for six hours after the incident, while customers were able to use their tickets at other AMC theaters.

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