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Ralph Krawczyk Jr

Fiat Chrysler Will Pay $1,500 Bug Bounties To Hackers Who Uncover Security Flaws

Nearly four months after the FBI warned carmakers that their products were “increasingly vulnerable” to hacking, Fiat Chrysler has unveiled its plan to combat any future hack attacks: launch a so-called “bug bounty” program to pay members of the public for finding security flaws in its vehicles.  [More]

Adam Fagen

50 Breaches In Four Years: Federal Reserve Cybersecurity Incidents By The Numbers

Cyber criminals seem intent on trying to crack open the Federal Reserve, at least according to a recent analysis of records that show the agency was the target of dozens of cyber breaches over a four-year period. [More]

(Nicholas Eckhart)

Regal Cinemas May Now Check Theatergoers’ Bags Upon Entry

You might already be used to having your backpack or purse searched upon entering concerts or sporting events, but now there’s one more venue that may take a look inside your belongings: Regal Cinemas announced it may search guests’ bags upon entry to any of its locations across the country. [More]