Someone Botched Today’s Ticket Release For Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight”

hatefuleightgrabA couple hours ago, after months of speculation about which theaters in which cities would have it — not to mention the change of its wide-release date — tickets for the “70mm Roadshow” of Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight finally went on sale. Well, not exactly.

We’ve heard from readers about a lot of difficulties associated with trying to purchase tickets to the highly anticipated western. But these aren’t the typical “site went down from too much traffic” kind of problems you’d expect (and which a lot of people experienced when trying to purchase tickets for the new Star Wars film.

Instead, folks who tried to buy tickets to see the movie at a Regal theater, or at one operated by AMC, were greeted not with “no tickets available” messages, but with “no showtimes available,” indicating that the theaters were not prepared for today’s announcement:



We’ve written to both AMC and Fandango (which does the ticketing for Regal), and to The Weinstein Company, which produced the film — so far, no one has replied with a comment on what happened. However, the responses from the @amcHelps Twitter account seem to indicate that theater operators were not ready for today’s announcement:


If we get any sort of explanation for who screwed up this ticket release, we’ll update. But for now, just know that you’re probably not the only one unable to buy tickets for the Dec. 25 release.

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