AMC, Dolby Hope New High-Tech Theaters Will Get You Off The Couch

Future trips to the movie theater could include better picture quality and immersive realistic sound if you live near one of 100 cinemas slated for a high-tech makeover as part of a 10-year deal between AMC Entertainment and Dolby Laboratories.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the partnership between the nation’s second-largest theater chain and theater and the audio specialists at Dolby aims to create a new viewing experience for movie-goers.

Under the plan, AMC will renovate 100 of its existing theaters currently known as ETX and AMC Prime into what will be called Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime.

The new cinemas will include Dolby’s Atmos sound system, which provides lifelike sounds of music, people and objects that flow around the theater, keeping time with the movie, the L.A. Times reports.

Additionally, the theaters will include reclining seats that vibrate along with the action taking place in the film.

“We have what we believe is the ability to deliver a differentiated and unique experience that moviegoers can’t find anywhere else,” Doug Darrow, senior vice president of cinema at Dolby, tells the L.A. Times.

The first Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime theaters are set to open in California this summer. Other locations – set to open over the next decade – include San Francisco, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Denver and Seattle.

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