Guy Arrested For Dumping Soda On Fellow Moviegoer Who Asked Him To Be Quiet

Though you might be tempted to lash out at someone asking you to quiet down in a movie theater, dumping soda on a fellow patron could get you arrested for battery. One theatergoer in Florida paid for his alleged movie rage with a trip to the county jail, after dumping a cup of soda on a fellow patron during a horror flick.

Police say the suspect and his girlfriend were talking during a screening of The Green Inferno when a man seated behind them with his significant other asked them to “stop talking so they could watch the movie without interruption,” reports The Smoking Gun. A valid request, of course — but police say that after quieting down for a bit, the suspect started talking again.

At that point, he allegedly got out of his seat and started to yell and curse at the other patron, and “took a large full soda and threw it onto” the man, an arrest affidavit says.

The suspect and his girlfriend left the movie theater and drove away, but cops caught up with the vehicle. During questioning, the man claimed that he had been told to “shut the f–k up” during the movie, and that he’d simply tripped on his flip-flops, causing him to spill soda on the other man.

His girlfriend told another story, however, saying the suspect had thrown the soda on the man on purpose after being told to shut up.

The suspect was arrested on a battery charge and later released after posting bond. He’s got a court date for Oct. 27 to respond to the misdemeanor count.

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