At Least 230 Cases Of Norovirus Linked To Doughnut Shop

Hundreds of people in Ohio have been sick this week — and they can blame doughnuts: Officials have linked at least 230 reports of norovirus to one local doughnut shop. [More]

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How To Score Doughnut Deals On National Doughnut Day 2017

Do you like free things? And do you like doughnuts? You’re in luck, because June 2 is National Doughnut Day, which means many cafes and stores will be offering up complimentary or discounted treats. [More]

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Bear Who Ripped Bumper Off Doughnut Delivery Car Is All Of Us

If you’ve ever felt so hungry and angry at the same time — otherwise known as “hangry” — that you will do just about anything to get your hands on something to eat, perhaps you can commiserate with a bear in Colorado that ripped the bumper off a doughnut delivery vehicle in his desperate hunt for a treat. [More]

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Waze Wants To Take Your Food Order Along The Way

Waze, the GPS navigation and real-time traffic app owned by Google, is free to download and to use, supporting itself with ads. Now the company is making those ads even more tappable, sending customers right to the ordering app for one of its advertisers, Dunkin’ Donuts. [More]

Burger King Selling A Doughnut Burger For Hanukkah

Burger King Selling A Doughnut Burger For Hanukkah

If you love doughnuts, burgers, and burgers made with doughnuts, you might want to think about spending Hanukkah in Israel, where Burger King will be offering doughnut burgers for the holiday. [More]

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Man Arrested Over “Meth” That Was Actually Krispy Kreme Glaze Files $15K Lawsuit

Do you remember the guy who was arrested for having what police thought was methamphetamine in his car, when really, it was just the flaky remains of a Krispy Kreme doughnut he’d chowed down on earlier? Of course you do, because meth and doughnuts. He said a few months back he was planning to sue over the incident, and now he’s doing exactly that. [More]

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Free Krispy Kreme Donuts On Monday For Customers Who Are Vaguely Pirate-Like

We probably don’t need to tell you that Monday, Sept. 19 is National Talk Like a Pirate Day, the day when that one annoying person in your office tries for about 15 minutes to get people to say “shiver me timbers” or some other nonsense before getting so much side-eye that they finally give up and take off the eye patch. The one good thing about this not-at-all-a-holiday, at least for fans of sugary donuts, is free stuff from Krispy Kreme. [More]


Man Planning To Sue After Arrest For “Meth” That Was Actually Krispy Kreme

It was a case of mistaken identity. Orlando Police thought they’d identified methamphetamine in a man’s car, when really, it was just the flaky remains of the Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze he’d enjoyed earlier. He’s now planning to sue the city for the arrest that stemmed from that mistake. [More]


Keurig Parent Company Wants Doughnuts With That Coffee, Buys Krispy Kreme

You might not know the name JAB Holding, but it could be behind your morning’s breakfast: the company already owns coffee brands like Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Caribou, and Keurig Green Mountain, and now it’s folding a doughnut brand into its ranks with a just-announced acquisition of Krispy Kreme. [More]

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Not A Joke: Krispy Kreme Offering Customers A Free Doughnut Today

While we’re used to companies trying to slip in an April Fools’ Day story and have it reported as real on this day every year, Krispy Kreme is taking another tack. See, it really is offering customers a free doughnut today, but the reason for doing so is still of the “Hardy har har, I see what you did there,” variety. [More]

7-Eleven Now Selling A Slurpee-Flavored Donut

7-Eleven Now Selling A Slurpee-Flavored Donut

Perhaps this weekend’s 7-Eleven promotion where you can fill any sufficiently narrow container with Slurpee isn’t of interest to you because you would rather have your Wild Cherry-flavored sweetness in the form of a baked good. The convenience store chain is happy to indulge that very specific preference: they have a limited-time offering of a cherry-iced donut under the Slurpee brand. [More]

Dunkin’ Donuts Now Testing Mobile Ordering, Delivery Service In Certain U.S. Cities

Dunkin’ Donuts Now Testing Mobile Ordering, Delivery Service In Certain U.S. Cities

After announcing this summer that it would be dipping its toes into mobile ordering as well as mulling the idea of offering delivery service, Dunkin’ Donuts says it’s testing both features at various markets around the country now. [More]


Krispy Kreme Customer Says Video Shows Bugs Falling Onto Doughnuts Along With Glaze

A Krispy Kreme customer has a few choice words for her local restaurant, claiming that a video she took at a North Carolina location shows large insects falling onto doughnuts in the process of being glazed. [More]


Dunkin’ Donuts Customers Pay It Forward Every Single Friday At Pennsylvania Drive-Thru

We’ve heard a good share of “pay it forward” stories at coffee shops and elsewhere, where customers ask to pay for the next person’s order, sometimes leading to a chain of people willing to brighten up a stranger’s day. But one Pennsylvania Dunkin’ Donuts has probably seen more of these pay it forward acts than others: the manager says it happens every Friday, no matter what, like clockwork. [More]


The Last Full-Service Dunkin’ Donuts Prepares To Shut Its Doors

Though you might not even have been aware it existed, the last full-service Dunkin’ Donuts diner is preparing to close, and will be renovated to look like the rest. [More]

Dunkin’ Donuts Running A “Private Test” Of Mobile Ordering With A Delivery Future In Mind

Dunkin’ Donuts Running A “Private Test” Of Mobile Ordering With A Delivery Future In Mind

If the distance between your mouth to the nearest doughnut is just too great for you to tackle on your own, buck up. There could be a reality where Dunkin’ Donuts brings the doughnuts to your door in the very near future, as the company says it could soon be dipping its toes in the delivery realm, as it’s already started a “private test” of mobile ordering. [More]

Dunkin’ Donuts Debuts Chips Ahoy-Flavored Doughnuts

Dunkin’ Donuts Debuts Chips Ahoy-Flavored Doughnuts

If you feel your energy flagging at work today, don’t worry: as of Monday, Dunkin’ Donuts has a new doughnut for afternoon eating. Starting Monday, they’re starting a partnership with Nabisco’s Chips Ahoy brand to turn doughnuts into an all-day food. [More]


Creator Of The Cronut Says He Eats One Every Day Because Come On, Of Course He Does

Perhaps you’ve experienced that cycle familiar to many home cooks: You come up with a recipe, it turns out reeeally well and so you end up making it a lot… until eventually, you get sick of it and move on, dusting that favorite off now and again. But Dominique Ansel, the creator of the cronut, has to eat one of his pastries every single day as part of his job. Poor guy. [More]