Dunkin’ Donuts Debuts Chips Ahoy-Flavored Doughnuts

Dunkin_chips_ahoyIf you feel your energy flagging at work today, don’t worry: as of Monday, Dunkin’ Donuts has a new doughnut for afternoon eating. Starting Monday, they’re starting a partnership with Nabisco’s Chips Ahoy brand to turn doughnuts into an all-day food.

The Chips Ahoy doughnut has two versions: there’s a plain version with chocolate frosting and cookie crumbs on top, and then a filled version with the same toppings and the addition of cookie dough-flavored buttercream inside.

Sounds tasty, but is that valid as an afternoon snack, which is how Dunkin’ Donuts has been marketing it? Well, maybe an occasional treat. The frosting-filled doughnut is 380 calories, and the non-filled version is 310 calories. Maybe they’ll have the same Dunkin’ is also testing mini-doughnuts (which are separate from doughnut holes, of course.)

“As doughnuts become more of a culinary treat across the industry, I think we see an opportunity to expand our doughnuts in the afternoon,” the company’s vice president of marketing told Bloomberg Businessweek, because if there’s one thing that Americans really need, it’s more occasions in the day to eat donuts.

In other news from the same company, Dunkin’ Donuts also is holding Free Donut Day next Friday…if you buy a coffee. It doesn’t matter whether you do so in the morning or afternoon, though.

Dunkin’ to Sell Chips Ahoy Doughnuts to Spur Afternoon Traffic [Bloomberg News]

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