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Toys ‘R’ Us Files For Bankruptcy But Plans To Keep Stores Open For Holiday Shopping

Well, that was quick: Soon after the rumor mill lit up with the news that Toys ‘R’ Us could be preparing to file for bankruptcy, the debt-strapped toy chain has gone ahead and done exactly that. [More]

Great Beyond

Man Arrested Over “Meth” That Was Actually Krispy Kreme Glaze Files $15K Lawsuit

Do you remember the guy who was arrested for having what police thought was methamphetamine in his car, when really, it was just the flaky remains of a Krispy Kreme doughnut he’d chowed down on earlier? Of course you do, because meth and doughnuts. He said a few months back he was planning to sue over the incident, and now he’s doing exactly that. [More]


Wet Seal Announces The Inevitable: It’s Closing 66% Of Its Stores Starting Right Now

The end has certainly felt nigh for Wet Seal recently, as a death dirge has been wafting from the general direction of the teen ’90s dream store amid reports of lackluster sales, a company trying to give itself a makeover and the outrage of former employees claiming mistreatment at the hands of corporate. Wet Seal isn’t dead yet, but it did announce today that it’ll be closing 66% of its stores, laying off around 3,695 employees in the process. [More]