Krispy Kreme Customer Says Video Shows Bugs Falling Onto Doughnuts Along With Glaze

A Krispy Kreme customer has a few choice words for her local restaurant, claiming that a video she took at a North Carolina location shows large insects falling onto doughnuts in the process of being glazed.

In the video posted to YouTube, you can see black specks getting caught in the glaze that’s spread on the doughnuts by a machine at Krispy Kreme. Those little dots are bugs, the customer says in the video’s description. And that’s not all, she claims.

“The machine had freaking MOLD on the catcher and the employees were touching the floor with the same hands they handled the doughnuts with! One employee even dropped a spatula, picked it up and proceeded to scrape the belt the doughnuts were coming off!” she writes. “After expressing my concern with the supervisor he shrugged me off.”

She goes into the experience further on the local store’s Facebook page, writing that the manager was extremely rude and “nonchalant” about the things she said she witnessed, and that he laughed at her complaint, “even going as far as stating that he gets complaints everyday but he doesn’t care about them.”

The location in question replied to her complaint in a comment, writing:

“Thank you so much for letting us know. We have been investigating this issue and the video. We take this very seriously.”

(h/t UPI)

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