The Last Full-Service Dunkin’ Donuts Prepares To Shut Its Doors

Image courtesy of Consumerist

Though you might not even have been aware it existed, the last full-service Dunkin’ Donuts diner is preparing to close, and will be renovated to look like the rest.

That means no more wait staff serving fried fish and grits, something many customers will miss: while the Lake Park, FL restaurant serves doughnuts and coffee like other Dunkin’ Donuts locations, it also has a grill, serving up hot food and sandwiches. The Palm Beach Post spoke with a few of the diner’s customers who will miss the old days once the place is remodeled.

“I’m so sad,” one said, adding, “We can go anywhere to get the doughnuts but you can’t go everywhere and find food like this.”

It was the first Dunkin’ location to open in Florida, in 1962, and the last full-service spot left standing. For now — the restaurant’s last day of dining room service is Saturday, with the fast-food side closing Aug. 16. The place is expected to reopen with its new look on Aug. 31.

The owner says he made the decision to renovate because he can’t offer the menu items that other Dunkin’ locations have, including the 10 he owns across the county, because they don’t have the right equipment. The remodel will mean guests are served faster and more efficiently, he says.

There’s a bright spot, however, as customers will still be able to drink coffee from a ceramic mug at the counter, just as they do now.

“This particular Dunkin’ Donuts has a rich history and the new, remodeled location will include several elements that are a nod to its past,” the owner says. “Despite the changes, it’ll still be a unique neighborhood gathering place for the community to catch up with old friends, make new ones and enjoy great food.”

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