it’s that time of year

Adam Fagen

Ben & Jerry’s Is Giving Away Free Ice Cream Today

If you missed free cone day at Dairy Queen last month, don’t fret, you still have time to score a free scoop from Ben & Jerry’s today.  [More]

Great Beyond

Not A Joke: Krispy Kreme Offering Customers A Free Doughnut Today

While we’re used to companies trying to slip in an April Fools’ Day story and have it reported as real on this day every year, Krispy Kreme is taking another tack. See, it really is offering customers a free doughnut today, but the reason for doing so is still of the “Hardy har har, I see what you did there,” variety. [More]


IRS Free File Program Open To Qualifying Taxpayers Starting Today

While the Internal Revenue Service won’t be accepting electronically filed tax returns until Jan. 20, the agency’s Free File program is open starting today for those taxpayers who make an adjusted gross income of $60,000 or less. The Free File site features free access to federal tax preparation and e-filing software from 14 different tax-prep companies, and offers helpful links to help guide taxpayers through the process. [ Free File] [More]