7-Eleven Now Selling A Slurpee-Flavored Donut

Perhaps this weekend’s 7-Eleven promotion where you can fill any sufficiently narrow container with Slurpee isn’t of interest to you because you would rather have your Wild Cherry-flavored sweetness in the form of a baked good. The convenience store chain is happy to indulge that very specific preference: they have a limited-time offering of a cherry-iced donut under the Slurpee brand.


The pastry is not served frozen, but does have pink speckles throughout the cake donut, and red frosting and sugar crystals on top meant to simulate the Wild Cherry Slurpee. The suggested price is 99 cents; it could cost more in some markets.

There is not, to our knowledge, a Wild Cherry flavored coffee to go along with the Slurpee, but anything could happen later on in this 50th anniversary year.

7-Eleven Offers New Slurpee Donut [Brand Eating]