Michigan High School Baseball Team Stranded In Florida After Spirit Cancels Flight

Just two days ago the American Customer Satisfaction Index revealed that Spirit Airlines was the worst when it comes to, well, customer satisfaction, and it seems the airline is wasting no time in confirming that it earned its low scores. Just ask the Michigan high school baseball team that had to fork over thousands of dollars for a chartered bus after being told they would have to wait an extra week to rebook their canceled Spirit flight. [More]


Burger King Fires Employee Caught On Camera Cursing At Customer Over A Refund

While dealing with customer complaints is never a fun experience for anyone in the service industry, lashing out isn’t going to help things, especially now that anyone with a smartphone can be a filmmaker. A Burger King franchisee in Louisiana says its fired a worker who was caught on tape cursing at a customer who’d asked for a refund.


Southwest Airlines showed their romantic side Wednesday by hosting a wedding shower at the Baltimore Airport.

Southwest Airlines Surprises Bride-To-Be With Airport Wedding Shower

Last November, Southwest Airlines played host to a wedding on a flight from Nashville to Dallas. The company continued its foray into all things matrimonial this week when it surprised one passenger with a wedding shower. [More]


Walgreens Cashiers No Longer Required To Tell Customers To “Be Well”

Having someone wishing you well is always nice, but when it’s a pre-ordained phrase that you know the person is required to say as part of their job, well, not everyone loves that. And so it goes that Walgreen Co. says it’s putting an end to its “Be well” campaign that had cashiers bestowing the canned blessing upon customers.


Facebook is rolling out a new feature on its Messenger platform that allows customers to talk directly to businesses.

Facebook Messenger Now Allows For Real-Time Customer Service Chat

Peppering a company’s Facebook page with questions and comments appears to be yesterday’s form of communication, as the social media site announced today that it’s giving users and companies the ability to chat with each other through its messenger app. [More]

Comcast Says It’s Tripling Size Of Social Media Customer Service Team

Comcast Says It’s Tripling Size Of Social Media Customer Service Team

Comcast has been responding to customer complaints on Twitter and Facebook for years, but that didn’t help the company get out of the basement of customer satisfaction ratings — not just for cable and Internet providers, but for all U.S. companies. And now that Comcast is trying to merge with the one consumer-facing business with a worse reputation, it says it is making an investment to improve its social media customer service team. [More]

Her friend posted this letter, said to be written by a USPS worker. (Facebook)

USPS Apologizes To Deaf Woman After She Says Worker Refused To Communicate With Her By Writing

The United States Postal Service is apologizing to a deaf woman in Florida after she said workers at her local post office refused to accommodate her by providing service through writing, instead allegedly mocking her and making her feel humiliated.


(Mike Mozart)

Columnist Calls Comcast CEO’s Mom On Behalf Of Jerked-Around Customers; Actually Gets Stuff Done

Sometimes the best way to get something done is to tattle to one’s mother. Apparently, that works when it comes to fixing Comcast’s cable service. [More]

6 Things Comcast Customers Can Try To Get Some Actual Customer Service

6 Things Comcast Customers Can Try To Get Some Actual Customer Service

Comcast is not exactly renowned for its high-quality customer service. It consistently ranks as one of the most-hated, most ineffective companies in the country, in both formal and informal surveys. They hired an exec just to change the customer experience, but the heap of public, embarrassing incidents for them just keeps getting bigger. So if you’re a Comcast customer, and you’re stuck in a loop trying to get your problem solved, is there anything you can actually do?


Sources: Comcast “VIPs” Automatically Pushed To Front Of Phone Queue

Sources: Comcast “VIPs” Automatically Pushed To Front Of Phone Queue

Last week, it was revealed that a Comcast office in the power epicenter that is the D.C. suburbs maintained a “VIP” list of local politicians, business leaders, and other bigwigs. However, Comcast claims that in spite of the VIP label, these folks received no special treatment. Not so, multiple sources tell Consumerist. [More]

Comcast CEO Neil Smit told a panel at the International CES conference that customer service would soon be the company's best product.

Comcast Cable Chief Promises Customer Service Will “Be Our Best Product.” Really.

Comcast is reigning Worst Company in America champion for a reason: we’ve seen story after story after story where consumers have struggled just to get basic service from the company. But Comcast cable head Neil Smit was confident (or delusional) when he told a panel at the International CES that customer service would soon be the best product to come from the company.


Lowe’s New Customer Service Robot Just Sounds Like A Really Good Employee

Lowe’s New Customer Service Robot Just Sounds Like A Really Good Employee

Not so long ago, before the rise of the mega-hardware chains, you could walk into your local home improvement store and find a helpful employee who knew exactly what you needed and where to find it on the shelves. We’ve now reached a point in customer service where Lowe’s has chosen to create a robot to replicate this experience. [More]

Bending on purpose = no replacement (Unbox Therapy)

Report: Apple Will Replace Some Bent iPhones After A “Visual Mechanical Inspection”

Comcast Agrees I Didn’t Run Up $343 In Overdue Charges, Still Demands I Pay It Anyway

(Steven DePolo)

Consumerist reader Kim has been spending a lot of time on the phone lately. Why, you might be asking? It’s not for the joy of listening to Comcast’s hold music and recorded messages, no, that’s not it. It’s because she says her mother was told to pay a previous tenant’s overdue bill, or not get new services set up for herself and have her account sent to collections. [More]


Amtrak Hands Out Doritos & Pizza After Train Leaves The Station Without Its Passengers

You know that feeling you get when you leave the house, like maybe you left the curling iron on, or didn’t remember to lock the back door? That’s annoying enough, so I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to leave an entire trainful of passengers behind at the station, like one Amtrak train did over the weekend. [More]

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Capital One Sends Customer A New Orange-Juiceless Keyboard So He Can Pay His Bill

We are living in a digital world, which means many things we used to do offline, like paying bills, are now handled online. But what’s a good customer to do when he can’t pay his credit card bill due to a keyboard infiltrated with orange juice? Speak up — and maybe get a free keyboard out of it. [More]

Family Kicked Off Southwest Flight Because Of Dad’s Tweet

Family Kicked Off Southwest Flight Because Of Dad’s Tweet

It’s pretty great when your customer complaint over social media receives a swift, decisive response from the target company. What is not so great is when that response is to boot you and your elementary-school-age children off a plane before takeoff because you complained about a specific employee’s actions over Twitter. [More]

(Caleb Kerr)

Comcast Is “Very Embarrassed” By That Clingy Customer Service Phone Call

Now that everyone has heard just how clingy a Comcast customer service representative can be when demanding an explanation for a breakup, you might be wondering how Comcast is feeling. The answer is, pretty darn ridiculous. [More]