Ryanair Opens Itself Up To Passenger Complaints With New “Rate My Flight” App

Image courtesy of Juan Rodriguez - PMI/LEPA

Ryanair, the European low-cost carrier whose customer service approach used to involve sticking its fingers in its ears and yelling “NANANANA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”, is trying to show it’s really and truly turned over a new customer service leaf: the airline is launching a new “Rate My Flight” app that allows passengers to air their grievances immediately upon landing.

The mobile feature is part of the third phase of the carrier’s “Always Getting Better” program, reports Bloomberg News, citing Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Leary.

The app will nudge customers when their flight lands and ask them to rate the different aspects of their flight — how was the boarding process? Was the food tasty? Was the crew helpful?

O’Leary says the company will take those responses and use them to inform its customer service process and address customer concerns.

The plan to win back customers after years of telling people they’re morons for failing to print out their boarding passes at home is doing well, O’Leary says, as shown by Ryanair’s occupancy rates, which have gone up since the Always Getting Better plan was launched.

Ryanair Invites Testy Customers to Vent Via `Rate My Flight’ App [Bloomberg]

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