Uber Driver Accused Of Pulling Passenger From Car, Smashing Her Phone After Fight Over Directions

In the latest report of Uber driver versus passenger, police in San Francisco have cited an UberX driver with three misdemeanors for allegedly pulling a passenger out of his car and smashing her smartphone while she tried to record the showdown.

Police tells CBS San Francisco that the driver is suspected of forcibly removing the woman after the two got into an argument about the address of her destination.

She told him the cross streets of where she was going, but didn’t provide an exact address, which apparently started things in motion.

“His exact words were, ‘I need address for GPS,’” she said in an interview. “I put my head down and was texting, and the next think I know we’re stopped and he’s running to my side of the car cussing, telling me to get the f out of his car. He grabs my arm, I take that hand and I hold it up with my phone to take a picture. He lets go, grabs the phone and throws it down the street,” she added.

She was able to retrieve her phone and keep the name and photo of the driver, and contacted Uber about the incident. But she claims it took someone from Uber 20 hours to call her.

Despite the wait, the company refunded her trip, is replacing her phone and suspended the driver, pending an investigation. He was cited with misdemeanors for battery, malicious mischief, and vandalism.

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San Francisco Uber Driver Accused Of Forcibly Pulling Rider From Car, Smashing Her Phone In Dispute Over Directions [CBS San Francisco]

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