Zappos Customer Service Rep Turns Wrong Order Into Welcome Surprise For S.C. Flood Victims

There’s nothing like a story with a happy ending to warm you up on a cold day… although, a fleece blanket might do the trick, too: a Zappos customer in South Carolina found a welcome, cozy surprise when a wrong order had to be returned, after she shared the troubles many in her community were facing amidst the recent flooding.

The woman tells WISTV that she used some Christmas gift cards to order a new pair of shoes for her husband. When the wrong shoes in the wrong size showed up, she called Zappos customer service to sort things out.

Not only did the representative apologize, but she told the woman to give away the wrong shoes because the right pair would be coming for free. That’s when the customer opened up about the tough times in her community.

“I told her about the flood we had here in South Carolina and how so many people have been effected, losing their homes and possessions, and promised I would give the shoes to someone in town that needed them,” she said.

A huge box arrived from Zappos soon after, which she wasn’t expecting. But then she saw a sticker on it that said “Surprise!” and opened the box to find a dozen rolled fleece blankets, with a note.

“I wanted to send you something else to donate to the people in need. Thank you for being amazing and helping those around you who’ve had such a hard year,” the note from the customer service rep read.

The customer and her husband are now working out a plan to get the blankets to flood victims in need.

Wrong shoe order turns into surprise donation for South Carolina flood victims [WISTV]

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