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Man Arrested, Accused Of Stuffing Steak Down Pants At H-E-B

As part of our ongoing coverage of people stuffing meat down their pants, here’s the latest incident out of Texas: an employee spotted a man stuffing steak down his pants in the meat department. The suspect took off on foot, and police caught up with him not far away. He was charged with theft and with evading arrest. [KOSA] [More]

Police, IGA Seek Man Who Stuffed $200 Worth Of Ribeyes Down Pants

Police, IGA Seek Man Who Stuffed $200 Worth Of Ribeyes Down Pants

Our fans know that Consumerist is the place to find stories about important issues facing consumers, and also the latest news about people stuffing packages of meat down their pants. Law enforcement and the local IGA grocery store are looking for a man who stuffed $200 worth of ribeyes in his pants and hoodie last Friday while grocery shopping. [More]


Man Shoved 5 Bags Of Frozen Shrimp Down His Pants At Family Dollar

At Consumerist, we do our best to bring you the latest news about people stuffing meat, shellfish, or power tools down their pants. It’s only the second week of the year, and there’s already a second “crimes against meat” incident in the news. In Albany, Georgia, a man was caught on camera with three bags of frozen shrimp stuffed down his pants, and two in his back pockets. [More]

Man Accused Of Shoving Steak Down Pants, Cans Of Beer Up Shirt

Man Accused Of Shoving Steak Down Pants, Cans Of Beer Up Shirt

The Internet puts stories from news outlets all over the world at our fingertips, which leads to one inevitable question: why do people steal meat by stuffing it down their pants so often? It’s a crime that has suddenly increased in some areas, and people commit crimes against meat out of either hunger or desperation for cash. The latest alleged meat thief was making a nice meal out of a package of steaks, two 24-ounce beers, and a package of cream cheese. [More]


Chicken Wing Crime Exposes Pervasive, Disgusting Black Market For Meat

Yesterday, we learned about a father-and-son team of crooked cooks who teamed up to illicitly order and re-sell $41,000 worth of chicken wings from their employer’s wholesale supply accounts. Yet who buys wings from the Back of Some Dude’s Truck Meat Market? It turns out that there’s a market for ill-gotten meats, and other restaurant owners receive occasional offers of chicken or shrimp from the back of a truck. [More]

Shrimp Shoplifter Stuffs Shellfish Down Pants, Up Shirt

Shrimp Shoplifter Stuffs Shellfish Down Pants, Up Shirt

We always like to keep an eye on the latest incidents where shoplifters are caught in the act of stuffing meat down their pants. The usual choices of criminals against meat, steak and lobster make sense: they’re pricey, for people who want to resell the meats, and they’re tasty high-status foods, for those who would prefer to eat them. It’s been a while, though, since we’ve heard of anyone stuffing shrimp down their pants, which happened recently in Connecticut. [More]

Man Accused Of Stuffing $80 Worth Of Steak Down His Pants

Man Accused Of Stuffing $80 Worth Of Steak Down His Pants

People love steak. We love steak so much that people who want to eat steak but can’t afford it will steal, it, and do so by stuffing it down their pants. Why pants? Why steak? We can answer the second half of that question, at least. [More]

West Virginia Supermarkets Dealing With Spike In Meat Thefts

West Virginia Supermarkets Dealing With Spike In Meat Thefts

Here at Consumerist, we have a slight obsession with stories in the news about people attempting to steal meat by shoving it down their pants, a crime that is simultaneously sad and hilarious. Now there’s a report out of Charleston, West Virginia that the city is experiencing a meat-theft epidemic, with supermarket employees patrolling the shelves. [More]

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Man Spotted Shoving Pork Tenderloin Down His Pants

Here’s another story from the meat-down-pants beat: last week, a man was caught at a Wisconsin co-op grocery store with a pork tenderloin and two sandwiches stuffed down his pants. He told police that he shoplifted the items because he was homeless and hungry. He received a citation for retail theft and, one hopes, a referral to a place that could provide him with something to eat. [La Crosse Tribune] [More]

The suspects' likely plan for later in the day. (ken fager)

Shoplifters Spotted Shoving Hamburgers Down Pants

Two men in Texas California were sort of shuffling around a supermarket without purchasing anything. One of the men was wearing very baggy pants, and store employees later told police that it was obvious something had been shoved inside his trousers. When the staff confronted him, his pants fell down, revealing ill-gotten hamburgers. [More]


Shoplifter Arrested After Shoving Steak Down His Pants

A 53-year-old man in Arkansas was arrested last week for shoplifting. His crime was one that has long fascinated us here at Consumerist: he is accused of trying to steal steaks from a Food Giant grocery store by shoving them down his pants. While this might seem like a logical and delicious enough crime, it’s also kind of a noticeable one. Also, no one will want to eat the meat. [More]


Walmart Shopper Thinks No One Will Notice 6.5 Pounds Of Cow Tongue Shoved In His Pants

We understand that the very act of wearing pants is kind of like adorning your legs in potential pockets — as long as nothing falls out the bottom, you’ve got fabric fit for carrying stuff. But just because you’ve got room in your pants to spare doesn’t mean it’s okay to shove stolen meat (or seafood) down there, as yet another bad consumer has shown us this week. [More]


Man Jailed For Rubbing Pepperoni On His Weiner At Grocery Store

Earlier this week, a northern New York man was caught doing a terrible, terrible thing to an innocent stick of pepperoni. He was arrested and put behind bars…not just for lewd behavior in public in a Hannaford store, but because they had to destroy the pepperoni he had defiled afterward. [More]