Walmart Shopper Thinks No One Will Notice 6.5 Pounds Of Cow Tongue Shoved In His Pants

We understand that the very act of wearing pants is kind of like adorning your legs in potential pockets — as long as nothing falls out the bottom, you’ve got fabric fit for carrying stuff. But just because you’ve got room in your pants to spare doesn’t mean it’s okay to shove stolen meat (or seafood) down there, as yet another bad consumer has shown us this week.

Police in Florida arrested a man they stay attempted to boost more than six pounds of cow tongue by stowing it in his pants, reports WKMG Local 6.

According to officials, the man grabbed the cow tongue from the store’s cooler and shoved it down below, before attempting to walk out of the store like he didn’t have lots of meat in his pants.

His subterfuge was incomplete, however, as loss prevention officers nabbed him and called the police after he ran out of the store.

Cops caught up with him and retrieved two beef tongues, valued at $35.35, from his pants. He was charged with petit theft.

Man stole 6 pounds of cow tongue from Walmart, stuffed it in pants, DeLand police say [WKMG Local 6]

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