Man Shoved 5 Bags Of Frozen Shrimp Down His Pants At Family Dollar



At Consumerist, we do our best to bring you the latest news about people stuffing meat, shellfish, or power tools down their pants. It’s only the second week of the year, and there’s already a second “crimes against meat” incident in the news. In Albany, Georgia, a man was caught on camera with three bags of frozen shrimp stuffed down his pants, and two in his back pockets.

A store employee told police that she had seen the shopper place shrimp bags down his pants, and heard the characteristic “crunch” of frozen food when stopping him at the door. The suspect unhanded (unpantsed?) the five bags of shellfish at the store entrance, then ran away.

Video? Of course there’s video. If you happen to know this suspect, the Albany police and CrimeSTOPPERS would like to hear from you: contact them at 229-446-9252.

Shoplifter hid shrimp in his pants [WALB]

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