Police, IGA Seek Man Who Stuffed $200 Worth Of Ribeyes Down Pants


Our fans know that Consumerist is the place to find stories about important issues facing consumers, and also the latest news about people stuffing packages of meat down their pants. Law enforcement and the local IGA grocery store are looking for a man who stuffed $200 worth of ribeyes in his pants and hoodie last Friday while grocery shopping.

The store posted the surveillance video footage on their Facebook page, since that’s the modern equivalent of a “WANTED” poster on the town square. The footage shows the man pushing a cart containing toilet paper around the store, then waiting until he was alone in an aisle and concealing the steaks in his clothing.




The outdoor camera captured him leaving on a scooter.

Boonville Grocery Store Says Steak Thief Caught on Cam [TriState Homepage]