Shrimp Shoplifter Stuffs Shellfish Down Pants, Up Shirt

We always like to keep an eye on the latest incidents where shoplifters are caught in the act of stuffing meat down their pants. The usual choices of criminals against meat, steak and lobster make sense: they’re pricey, for people who want to resell the meats, and they’re tasty high-status foods, for those who would prefer to eat them. It’s been a while, though, since we’ve heard of anyone stuffing shrimp down their pants, which happened recently in Connecticut.

Last time, in 2011, the shrimp was part of an assortment of meats and seafood, along with pork and lobster. In this incident, the alleged seafood-swiper was after a bigger prize, stuffing five bags of shrimp down his pants and up his shirt.

Store employees flagged the man and called police, having noticed the man in the middle of what he surely thought was a stealthy and invisible act. Police arrested him, and discovered that there was another warrant out for his arrest. For the shrimp crime, he was charged with sixth degree larceny, since the shrimp was worth less than $500.

Bridgeport Police bags shrimp shoplifter [Bridgeport News]

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