Shoplifters Spotted Shoving Hamburgers Down Pants

The suspects' likely plan for later in the day. (ken fager)

The suspects’ likely plan for later in the day. (ken fager)

Two men in Texas California were sort of shuffling around a supermarket without purchasing anything. One of the men was wearing very baggy pants, and store employees later told police that it was obvious something had been shoved inside his trousers. When the staff confronted him, his pants fell down, revealing ill-gotten hamburgers.

How many hamburger patties can you fit in a pair of pants, especially a really baggy pair? The news report doesn’t say; only that the suspect dropped multiple packages of hamburger along with his trousers. The police weren’t called until after the men left the meat behind and escaped in an SUV, and they are still at large. Lock up the beef.

This has been another installment of “people shoving packages of meat down their pants,” a recurring series here at Consumerist.

Hercules wardrobe malfunction reveals shoplifters shoved hamburgers down pants [KRON]

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