Police: Father & Son Team Stole $41K Worth Of Chicken Wings From Their Employer

Some days you just need to start off with some news about meat theft, and today is one of those occasions: a father and son team near Syracuse, NY have been accused by police of pilfering about $40,000 worth of chicken wings from the restaurant where they both worked as cooks. Update: the dad in this duo had committed prior crimes against meat. Last year.

According to the Onondaga County Sheriff’s office [PDF], the 56-year-old man and his 33-year-old offspring would then peddle the stolen wings on the street to line their own pockets.

Allegedly, the duo would place a bunch of chicken wing orders with the wholesaler the restaurant dealt with. Then they’d go pick up the wings and resell them on the cheap to undercut their employer. The police say the men billed about $41,000 worth of wing orders to the restaurant’s account between February 2015 and November 21.

They’ve both been charged with grand larceny and falsifying business records. If convicted, they’ll earn themselves a spot in the Meat-Stealing Hall Of Infamy.

(h/t Associated Press)

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