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A Ready-To-Go Hotel Room Kit & 5 More Things You Can Buy In The Trump Taj Mahal Liquidation

In the market for crystal chandeliers, slot machines, or the kind of art one only sees adorning the walls of a hotel? You’re in luck: The failed Taj Mahal Casino once owned by President Trump is under new ownership, which means it’s getting a makeover — and everything inside the place must go. [More]

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No More Free Parking At 8 Las Vegas Casinos

Like the drinks you get while gambling, casino parking in Las Vegas is often a “freebie.” But if you’re planning a trip to Vegas soon, be prepared to possibly pay for parking or driving around to find a free garage to dock your ride. [More]

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Woman Believes She Won $43M On Slot Machine, Casino Disagrees

Imagine you just won $43 million on a lucky spin at the slot machine. Now picture someone telling you actually, you’ll be going home with nothing but a sad story about the time you thought you hit it big. That’s what happened to one New York City woman who claims a casino cheated her out of some major winnings. [More]

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If You Bring Fake Poker Chips To A Tournament, Don’t Flush Them Down The Toilet To Hide The Evidence

Let’s make it clear that we in no way endorse or condone cheating. But if you’re the kind of jerk who brings counterfeit poker chips to a tournament, don’t act even jerkier by flushing them down the toilet: a judge sentenced a New Jersey man to five years in prison for bringing millions of dollars worth of fake markers to a tournament and then breaking the plumbing when he tried to hide the evidence. [More]

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Gamblers Who Won $1.5M Must Return Winnings Over Unshuffled Cards

Back in 2012, some gamblers in Atlantic City realized there was a pattern to the way the cards were coming out while playing mini-baccarat and won 41 straight hands worth around $1.5 million in total. But this week a court ruled the winnings must be returned because the cards had not been shuffled. [More]


$14M Slots Jackpot Win Is All Going To Charity, Says Awesome Human Being

A fountain of liquid cheddar, burbling in a green and gold garden, wherein Aaron Rodgers awaits, ready with all the fondue fixings a heart could desire and the collector’s edition of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy all cued up and ready to go — that’s what I’d go for if I had $14 million. But alas, I am not the lucky gambler in Las Vegas who spent $20 and won a slot machine jackpot. Nope, he’s giving all his newly-won loot to charity. [More]

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Slot Machine’s 20-Year Reign Of Stinginess Ends After Player Hits $2.4M Jackpot

For the last two decades, one slot machine in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has been the darling of players, with someone reportedly giving it a whirl every five seconds. But it’s never coughed up the big jackpot in all its years… until now. [More]


For Change Of Pace, Donald Trump Sues To Remove His Name From Buildings

Donald Trump has spent his career using his last name as his brand, slapping the T word on many a luxury apartment building, hotel, and casino. But now the Donald is suing to have his famous name removed from a pair of Atlantic City properties that he would rather not be associated with. [More]


Authorities Bust Tiny Dog Out Of Hot Van At Costco, 98-Year-Old Mom Out Of Hot Car At Casino

Shopping at Costco is pretty great, but that doesn’t mean you should bring your dog along on your shopping trip, then leave it in your vehicle with the temperature outside in the 90s. The same goes for your very young and very old loved ones. Come to think of it, just don’t lock anyone in the car. An elderly woman and a dog are both still alive because authorities intervened and got them both out. [More]

Gambler Sues Casino After He Loses $500,000 In One Night

Gambler Sues Casino After He Loses $500,000 In One Night

Imagine waking up on Super Bowl Sunday in Las Vegas and finding out that you had lost $500,000 playing blackjack and pai gow the night before. Making matters worse, some of that money you lost was borrowed from the casino, which would now like to discuss repayment. [More]

Revel's ads say the casino will refund all slot losses during the month of July, but don't say you'll get the refund over the course of 20 weeks, and that it's in the form of slot machine credit, not cash.

Casino’s “You Can’t Lose” Refund Promotion Is Really Just Meant To Keep You Gambling

The casino always wins in the end. If it didn’t, we’d all be rich and casino-owners would be smashing open piggy banks to pay the bills. So when a house of gambling tells customers that it really wants to do something nice and will refund their slot-machine losses, you should expect that there is more to the offer than meets the eye. [More]


Add Casinos To The List Of Places You Can’t Wear Google Glass

I remember watching the movie Casino for the first time, where there’s an intricate scene involving card cheats who are trying to pull a fast one over the casino by way of some kind of electronic signals sent with the tap of a finger. “Wow!” I thought. “That’s so high-tech! Good thing Ace (Robert De Niro’s character) is so wily!” Now just imagine those guys had Google Glass — Ace would not be pleased. As such, New Jersey regulators (and other lawmakers around the country) are preparing against a potential for Glass gadgetry to enhance gambling. [More]

New Branch Promotion Turns ATMs Into No-Lose Slot Machines

New Branch Promotion Turns ATMs Into No-Lose Slot Machines

How can you spice up a routine visit to the ATM? Easthampton Savings Bank in Massachusetts is promoting a new branch by turning its ATM into a sort of no-lose slot machine. They call it the “ATM Gone Mad,” because sometimes it will dispense $50 bills in place of the normal $20 bills. Cute promo. One local blogger finds it amusing that this is going on around the same time that the nearby city of Springfield is considering a downtown casino proposal from MGM Grand. All of the fun of gambling, none of the risk of financial ruin. But what’s the fun if there’s no chance of destroying your family’s future? [More]

Maiming A Slot Machine Isn’t Going To Make Up For The Fact That You Lost

Maiming A Slot Machine Isn’t Going To Make Up For The Fact That You Lost

Listen, we know what it’s like to keep shoving money into a slot machine, mesmerized by the blinking lights and the possibility that this time will be different, this time will bring riches beyond imagining! But should you lose, don’t act like a mad baby and maim the casino’s machine. That’s just immature. [More]

Congress To Legalize Online Gambling?

Congress To Legalize Online Gambling?

Only months after the federal government shut down access to online poker sites come reports that Congress could soon consider a bill that would legalize online gambling. [More]

New Airline Betting On High-Rollers Wanting The Deluxe Vegas Treatment

New Airline Betting On High-Rollers Wanting The Deluxe Vegas Treatment

We’re surprised there isn’t already a secret underground tunnel with super cool racers between Sin City and the City That Never Sleeps, so the fact that a charter air carrier is launching to more easily shuttle gamblers from New York City to Las Vegas is not shocking. [More]

Real-Life Danny Ocean Robs Bellagio Of $1.5 Million

Real-Life Danny Ocean Robs Bellagio Of $1.5 Million

A gunman allegedly robbed the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas, and he didn’t need to split his take with an acrobat, explosives expert or Matt Damon. The thief sauntered into the casino, made off with $1.5 million in chips from a craps table, then sped off on a motorcycle. [More]

Detroit Moving Police & Fire Depts. Into Empty Casino

Detroit Moving Police & Fire Depts. Into Empty Casino

There are a lot of empty buildings in the Detroit area, but the beleaguered city’s mayor announced today that he’s found the perfect vacant space to house HQs for both the city’s police and fire departments — the old MGM Grand Detroit casino. [More]