Slot Machine’s 20-Year Reign Of Stinginess Ends After Player Hits $2.4M Jackpot

For the last two decades, one slot machine in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has been the darling of players, with someone reportedly giving it a whirl every five seconds. But it’s never coughed up the big jackpot in all its years… until now.

Gamblers from around the world would do things like kiss the machine, caress it, wait in line for 30 minutes to play it, and generally fawn over the thing, reports the Las Vegas Sun, all in an effort to coax it to cough up the jackpot.

And now a couple from New Hampshire can claim to have conquered the stingy machine, walking out this weekend with a $2.4 million jackpot, after playing it for just five minutes on $100 with a maximum bet of $3.

The signs aligned, and bang, instant millionaires.

“MGM Grand is delighted to award this historic jackpot to the lucky winner of the ‘Lion’s Share,’ and we couldn’t be happier for the winners and their family and friends,” said Scott Sibella, president and COO of MGM Grand.

The couple is planning on using the money for their children and grandchildren’s college educations.

“It was surreal when it happened. I just sat there thinking it hadn’t actually happened,” he told The Sun.

After 20 years, ‘Lion’s Share’ slot machine at MGM Grand pays out $2.4 million jackpot [The Las Vegas Sun]

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