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Disney Removing Bride Auction Scene From ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Ride

Next time you take your family on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, you might notice a change: No more “wenches” up for sale as brides to the highest bidder. [More]

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Uber CEO Takes Leave Of Absence As Internal Report Criticizes “Always Be Hustlin'” Culture

The rumors were correct: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is taking a leave of absence from the company he co-founded, just as Uber publishes the results of an internal investigation that is critical of the company’s ask-questions-later culture. [More]

Amazon Changed Its Prime Logo And People Don’t Know How To Feel

Amazon Changed Its Prime Logo And People Don’t Know How To Feel

Whether it’s a big change or a barely recognizable tweak, when a company changes its logo, people are going to notice — and odds are, some of those folks are going to hate it. Case in point: Amazon has redesigned its Prime logo ever so slightly, and many people are unsure how to feel about the change. [More]


Ralph Lauren Closing Flagship Polo Store, Cutting Jobs To Save Money

In Ralph Lauren’s latest effort to save some cash amid slumping sales and better compete with fast fashion, the company says it will be closing some stores — including its flagship Polo location in New York City — cutting jobs, and restructuring its e-commerce operations. [More]


McDonald’s Banking On Mobile Ordering & Curbside Pickup To Win Back Customers

Would you be more likely to eat McDonald’s food if you could order and pay for it ahead and pick it up at the curb — or never leave your house in the first place? McDonald’s hopes so. [More]

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No More Free Parking At 8 Las Vegas Casinos

Like the drinks you get while gambling, casino parking in Las Vegas is often a “freebie.” But if you’re planning a trip to Vegas soon, be prepared to possibly pay for parking or driving around to find a free garage to dock your ride. [More]

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Bottled Water Expected To Outsell Soda For The First Time Soon

It might not come as a surprise to hear that bottled water sales will soon outstrip those of soda for the first time ever. After all, companies have been pushing calorie-free drinks as alternatives to the sweet stuff for some time as consumer preferences have changed. But bottled water’s burgeoning popularity isn’t just about cutting calories. [More]


Microsoft Making Its Windows 10 Upgrade Prompts A Bit Less Pushy

After numerous Windows 7 and 8 users complained that Microsoft was being overly aggressive in trying to get them to upgrade to Windows 10, the company says that for real, this time, it’s going to be a lot less in-your-face with its update reminders. [More]

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Staples CEO Stepping Down After Failed Office Depot Acquisition

Staples announced today that its chairman and chief executive officer, Ron Sargent, is giving the public his two-week notice: he’ll be stepping down on June 14, after the company’s next shareholders meeting. Sargent has been CEO of the office superchain since 2002, and has worked for Staples since 1989, when the company was only three years old. [More]

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AT&T Trimming Its Phone Financing Plans Down From Four Options To Two

Now that all four of the major wireless carriers are firmly on the installment plan bandwagon, AT&T is trying to set itself apart by simplifying its phone financing options.

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Report: Twitter Will No Longer Count Links, Photos Against 140-Character Limit

While Twitter isn’t ready to expand its 140-character limit anytime soon, the social media may be willing to exempt photos and URLs from that per-Tweet allotment. [More]

WhatsApp Launches Desktop App For Mac OS, Windows Users

WhatsApp Launches Desktop App For Mac OS, Windows Users

WhatsApp’s billion or so users now have another way to call and text their friends, with a new desktop app the company launched this week for Windows and Mac. [More]


Uber, Blind Passengers Reach Settlement In Lawsuit Over Service Animals

More than a year after the National Federation of the Blind of California filed a lawsuit accusing Uber drivers of discriminating against passengers waiting for rides with service animals, the two sides announced they’ve reached a settlement. [More]


UPDATE: Pepsi Says Organic Gatorade Still Slated For 2016 Release

UPDATE: After an earlier report that Pepsi was pushing back the release date of its new organic Gatorade to 2017, a spokeswoman for the company reached out to Consumerist and said that unfortunately, “the wrong date was shared” in the media outlet’s interview. [More]

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National Park Service Forced To Change The Names Of Several Historic Yosemite Hotels, Camp Villages

Say goodbye to The Ahwahnee Hotel and The Wawona Hotel, and hello to The Majestic Yosemite Lodge and Big Trees Lodge: Yosemite National Park visitors will see new signs on familiar hotels, inns, camp villages, and other parts of the park after a change in vendors. [More]

It Looks Like Starbucks May Be Changing How Customers Earn Loyalty Program Rewards Points

It Looks Like Starbucks May Be Changing How Customers Earn Loyalty Program Rewards Points

UPDATE #2: And there we have it. Starbucks confirmed the changes Monday morning during a phone call with press and investors, and the new system will be exactly what we thought it would be. [More]

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Kohl’s Opening Smaller-Format Stores, More Outlet Locations As Part Of Turnaround Efforts

As part of its attempt to bring struggling sales numbers up, Kohl’s is betting on two new kinds of stores: the company announced plans to open a number of smaller-format stores that don’t take up as much space as its traditional stores, as well as more “Off-Aisle” outlet locations offering lower-priced items. [More]


J. Crew Ending On-Call Scheduling For Workers In Its U.S. Stores

The list of retailers who have decided to end the practice of on-call scheduling has just grown by one more, as J. Crew announced it will no longer require workers to be available to work shifts on short notice at all its U.S. stores. [More]