New Airline Betting On High-Rollers Wanting The Deluxe Vegas Treatment

We’re surprised there isn’t already a secret underground tunnel with super cool racers between Sin City and the City That Never Sleeps, so the fact that a charter air carrier is launching to more easily shuttle gamblers from New York City to Las Vegas is not shocking.

LV Air will feature four nonstop flights a day between JFK and McCarran International, says The Las Vegas Sun, in order to funnel all those taking a gamble on living in NYC right to the casinos.

“The goal is to fill Las Vegas hotel rooms with players, conventioneers and vacationers from the Northeast by drawing a straight line between the customer at his home to the casino floor and back again,” Sean Smith, top LV Air Executive said.

He’s also working with casinos to sell them seats on planes to comp their favorite high-rollers, and will then give up the company’s database of new customers to said casinos.

But wait, there’s more! There will be perks like bottle service and nightclub access packages, straight-to-your-room-from-the-plane baggage service, and fully reclining flatbed seats in the casino-designed first-class cabins.

Ticket pricing will depend on a roulette wheel. Just kidding! It’ll depend on demand, which isn’t is as fun but is probably a more solid business plan. Smith wants to be in the air by August, so start saving those chips. Or know when to hold them, etc.

Air carrier to partner with casinos on New York flights [The Las Vegas Sun]

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