$14M Slots Jackpot Win Is All Going To Charity, Says Awesome Human Being

A fountain of liquid cheddar, burbling in a green and gold garden, wherein Aaron Rodgers awaits, ready with all the fondue fixings a heart could desire and the collector’s edition of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy all cued up and ready to go — that’s what I’d go for if I had $14 million. But alas, I am not the lucky gambler in Las Vegas who spent $20 and won a slot machine jackpot. Nope, he’s giving all his newly-won loot to charity.

In a move that most of us likely cannot with all honesty say we’d be quick to copy, an anonymous man is planning on donating his $14.3 million windfall to charity, as well as fund a new building for his church, reports NBC News.

The gambler only spent $20 and five short minutes of his time on the Megabucks slot machine, according to a statement from the casino’s spokeswoman. He doesn’t usually gamble, but decided that he would go along with a friend who was in town.

“We pay large jackpots all time, just today we are paying $14 million to a lucky local,” the general manager told the Daily Mail. “It doesn’t get better than this.”

Man to Donate $14-Million Vegas Winnings to Charity [NBC News]

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