Woman Believes She Won $43M On Slot Machine, Casino Disagrees

Image courtesy of CBS New York

Imagine you just won $43 million on a lucky spin at the slot machine. Now picture someone telling you actually, you’ll be going home with nothing but a sad story about the time you thought you hit it big. That’s what happened to one New York City woman who claims a casino cheated her out of some major winnings.

The woman says she had to take a photo of herself to capture the moment the slot machine at Resorts World Casino in Queens, NY showed an almost $43 million prize, CBS New York (warning: link contains video that autoplays) reports.

“It just had a big screen that said that I won $42.9 million,” she said. “I just totally got numb and froze.”

That excitement soon turned to sadness when casino workers showed up and the machine failed to print out a prize voucher. Casino management says the game malfunctioned, and that she didn’t win a fortune.

The New York State Gaming Commission said it removed the slot machine from the floor and examined its log.

“The log proved that the player of the machine in question was entitled to a prize of $2.25,” the commission said. “The display of $42.9M was clearly a display malfunction,” adding that the machine has a max payout of $6,500, and noting that signs at the casino indicate that a malfunction voids all “pays and plays.”

The woman says the casino and apologized to her for the inconvenience and offered a steak dinner to make it up to her. She’s not satisfied, and has now hired an attorney, who questioned the “pays and plays” warning.

“What does that mean? Does that mean that a casino can always say a machine is broken whenever someone hits and hits big?” her lawyer asked.

The woman says she’s hoping the casino will resolve the situation by giving her more than a meal.

Queens Casino Tells Woman Believing She Won $43M That Slot Machine Malfunctioned [CBS New York]

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