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British Airways Rolling Out Face-Scanning Technology For Speedier Boarding

No matter how fast gate agents work, the boarding process can feel like an interminable nightmare filled with people shuffling slowly forward, just itching for their chance to hand over their boarding pass or scan their phone. British Airways thinks it can speed things up by using passengers’ faces as boarding passes. [More]

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Married People Ruin British Airways Promos By Flooding Dating Sites For Singles

Not content to let the unmarrieds of the world have all the free frequent flier miles, a veritable flood of married travelers overwhelmed a pair of British Airways promotions on dating sites and eHarmony. [More]

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British Airways Flight Diverted After Drunk Passenger Became “Abusive” Toward Crew

Think of all the work it takes to put a giant metal flying machine in the air, filled with people, and get it to where it’s supposed to go. Which makes it almost worse that it only takes one intoxicated person to force that plane to change course. This time, it was a British Airways flight that had to be diverted on the way to Orlando. [More]


British Airways Passengers Worldwide Face Delays Due To Airline Systems Glitch

It seems that computer-related disaster isn’t just for Americans anymore. British Airways passengers worldwide — including here in the U.S. — are being hit with delays after a systems glitch took out its check-in systems overnight. [More]


Want Extra Legroom Or To Sit With Your Kids? Airlines Say ‘Pay Up’

If you’ve booked airline seats for your family or for another group that wants to sit together recently, you might have noticed how few seats were available to you if you’re not an elite member of a loyalty program. It’s not just you: airlines are making changes so that the privilege of deciding where to sit is reserved only for big-spending customers, or travelers willing to pay up for the privilege. [More]


British Airways, Lufthansa & Air France Fined For Treatment Of Disabled Passengers

Four months after the U.S. Department of Transportation fined United Airlines $2 million for violating rules protecting air travelers with disabilities, the agency is continuing to police the skies when it comes to disabled passengers. This time, levying fines against Lufthansa, British Airways, and Air France.  [More]

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British Airways’ Female Flight Attendants Can Now Wear Pants

A long-running fight between British Airways and cabin crew staff has come to an end today with the decision that recently hired female flight attendants are no longer forced to wear skirts on the job.


Don’t Get Stuck Paying For A Flight You Can’t Take; Know Your Airline’s 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

You can spend months, and thousands of dollars, putting together a trip abroad, but no matter how much effort you take to avoid travel trouble, unforeseen circumstances can force you to change your plans. Thankfully, most airlines flying to and from the U.S. have a policy that lets passengers cancel tickets within 24 hours of booking. Note that we said “most airlines” — not all. [More]

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Officials: British Airways Passenger Restrained After Trying To Open Exit Door During Flight

Though it might seem like a fine idea to catch a breath of fresh air after a few cocktails, if you attempt to gain access to the outdoors during a flight, you’ll find yourself in trouble. To that end, law enforcement and the Federal Aviation Administration said a British Airways passenger who appeared to be intoxicated tried to open the plane’s exit door on a flight from London to Boston. [More]

Allegiant Airlines Plane Is Second To Catch Fire At Las Vegas Airport In Two Months

Allegiant Airlines Plane Is Second To Catch Fire At Las Vegas Airport In Two Months

For the second time in two months, a commercial airplane full of passengers caught fire at the Las Vegas airport. An Allegiant Airlines flight bound for Fresno was evacuated after a fire broke out in the plane’s engine. [More]


British Airways Flight Catches Fire On Las Vegas Runway, 14 Passengers Injured

Fourteen people were injured Tuesday when a British Airways plane preparing for takeoff from Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport suddenly experienced engine failure that resulted in an intense fire. [More]


Your Overstuffed Carry-On Bag May Not Make The Cut On British Airways Planes

Facing the possibility of hefty checked-baggage fees, many travelers have resorted to testing the structural integrity of their carry-on bags — laptop bags packed with more clothes than electronics; purses bursting at the seams with shoes, food, books, and anything else that will fit. But one major airline is telling travelers to put some of their bags on a diet. [More]

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British Airways ‘Happiness Blanket’ Makes Passengers Look Like Idiots From The Future

Which gives you more anxiety: Flying across the Atlantic or looking like an extra from Logan’s Run? If you chose the former and you like to fly first class, then British Airways has a “Happiness Blanket” for you to try out. [More]


Passenger Sues British Airways: Grenada Is Not The Same As Granada

No matter what the sorry state of some of your friends’ posts on social media might indicate, spelling words correctly is still a very important thing. Especially when you’re trying to fly to Granada, Spain and not Grenada in the Caribbean. Cue lawsuit against British Airways. [More]

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British Airways Apologizes For Bad Timing Of Underwater “Escape To Indian Ocean” Ad

While it’s not as bad as deliberately capitalizing on tragedy to market something, British Airways is feeling the heat for some very bad timing after a London man spotted an ad for the airline encouraging travelers to “escape the commute and discover the Indian Ocean” over an underwater shot. [More]

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Man Buys Promoted Tweet To Vent Frustration At British Airways Over Lost Luggage

Sometimes escalating a customer service issue to a manager, or sending an Executive Email Carpet Bomb just doesn’t get the message across. Times used to be, people with a bit of money to spend could take out an ad in the newspaper to vent their frustrations with a foe — but nowadays, there’s social media. That’s the route one man angry at British Airways took, by buying a promoted tweet to complain about a recent customer service fail. [More]


British Airways Passengers: Off-Duty Flight Attendants Liked That Free Booze Too Much

Anyone who’s ever had the good fortune (or paid a fortune) to fly in first or business class on any airline knows there are plenty of perks. After all, since you’re paying an arm and a leg to fly in style, there’s usually some free booze involved. It seems some off-duty British Airways flight attendants took that unending cocktail policy to quite an extreme and their fellow passengers weren’t too happy about it. [More]