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Håkan Dahlström

Report: Apple Is Going Shopping For Original Content With $1B To Spend

Months after rumors first started swirling that Apple was looking into buying its own original content to bolster its Apple Music platform, a new report indicates that the tech giant might be ready to go shopping — with $1 billion to burn. [More]


British Airways Rolling Out Face-Scanning Technology For Speedier Boarding

No matter how fast gate agents work, the boarding process can feel like an interminable nightmare filled with people shuffling slowly forward, just itching for their chance to hand over their boarding pass or scan their phone. British Airways thinks it can speed things up by using passengers’ faces as boarding passes. [More]

Facebook Now Lets Users Comment On Posts With A Video

There are some moments when a Facebook post cannot be answered in words, or even a photo. For those times, users can now respond to posts through the art of the moving image. In other words, video comments are coming. [More]