British Airways Passengers: Off-Duty Flight Attendants Liked That Free Booze Too Much

Anyone who’s ever had the good fortune (or paid a fortune) to fly in first or business class on any airline knows there are plenty of perks. After all, since you’re paying an arm and a leg to fly in style, there’s usually some free booze involved. It seems some off-duty British Airways flight attendants took that unending cocktail policy to quite an extreme and their fellow passengers weren’t too happy about it.

From what the passengers told The Sun it sounds like the scene was something out of a 1970’s British TV comedy, with the male and female attendants drinking, snogging and generally carousing in the First and Club cabins to the point where their fellow fliers were beyond annoyed.

Onlookers said the attendants, who were on their way from London to Washington to catch their other flights, were screaming and shouting “like spoiled brats,” and there were reports of kissing and “heavy petting.” That’s a term we still don’t quite understand, but you get the gist.

Once passengers complained that they couldn’t sleep (something you might want to do when paying upwards of $10,000 on a seat) the on-duty staff told their coworkers they couldn’t have another drop to drink and that didn’t go over well, apparently.

“They were behaving like drunken spoilt brats and were incredibly unprofessional. They were running up and down the aisles, falling over and disturbing passengers,” one eyewitness told the paper. ” They let the airline down badly.”

British Airways apologized and said, “We’re investigating and will take any appropriate action.”

‘Brattish’ BA staff in boozy rampage on flight [The Sun]

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